Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post 2327 - Yay!

I'm at my mother's place until Sunday afternoon. Drove up here this morning after sleeping for too many hours Friday night.

My glasses feel much better today. Thanks for asking. I know you were concerned.

My mother wanted to go shopping today. We were gone for hours. Reminded me of all the times I'd taken her for groceries and we'd be gone for long periods of time. Is this what nostalgia feels like?

I mentioned before that my mother plays bingo in her new home. I asked her to win me a prize. Today, I got that prize. As you can see, it is an Oh Henry chocolate bar. I thought you'd like to see it before I ate it. It's in my tummy now.

Afterward, I came back here and chilled out for a while. I've spent several hours doing laundry. I just watch this week's episode of "Orphan Black". And I think I'll turn in.

Tomorrow I have some more stuff to take care of around here. In the afternoon it's back to the city for another fun-filled week. Like the subject of this email says, "yay"!

See you guys Sunday.

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