Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post 2328 - Halifax

I'm back in the city after a quick trip to the Valley.

Newbie missed me while I was gone. He was actually being friendly with Patricia for a day or so. Since I've returned he's been all over me. Perhaps it is a coincidence but he likes to sit on top of the cable modem. This time the "alrt" button on it won't go off, meaning I have no internet connection no matter how many times I try to cold boot the thing. Thanks, Newbie.

My mother is doing fine. She sends her love. I know you wish her well as well. If Newbie were with her again he'd probably break her hearing aid or something. Thanks, Newbie.

Newbie is next to me on the bed now. If cats could smirk, he would. After all, he eff'd up my internet connection, I can't find the contact information for my isp to save my life, and I have no choice but to spend time with him.

Thanks, Newbie.

See you tomorrow. Maybe my internet will be working by then.

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