Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post 2331 - Contest Winner!

Hey, folks!

I kinda spilled the beans on my Facebook on Tuesday.  I was so excited by this final entry that I couldn't help but share it.

I arrived at work on Tuesday morning to find the following picture in my cubicle:

Of course, it is a parody of the Grateful Dead's "Dead Head" emblem:

Ha ha.  Don't sue me.  I didn't create this.

Anyway, I was so delighted by this entry, with its suggested name for what to call my readers, that I closed the contest a few hours early, knowing that this entry could not be topped.  I'm the judge, and my decision is final.  Frig you.

My logo was designed by Michael Gillis and Steven Zinck at my work, during their lunch hours I hasten to add.  The name "Bev Heads" was also suggested by Marcel Pothier when he should have been spending, ahem, quality time with his girlfriend.

As promised, I am taking these winners out to lunch.

Here's how it works.

Marcel pays for Steve's lunch.  Steve pays for Michael's lunch.  Michael pays for Marcel's.  All three of them chip in to pay for mine. 

(Hey, I said I'd take them to lunch.  Never said I'd pay.)

Seriously, guys, thanks very much for your hard work.  It is much appreciated. 

Going forward, the Fans of Bevboy's Blog Facebook page will have the official "Bev Head" logo.  I may even change the name of the fan page to go along with the logo.  I'm so excited!!

See you tomorrow.



Unknown said...

always knew Steve was a Graphic Artist at heart....

Unknown said...

Always knew Steve Zink was really a Graphic Artist in disguise....