Saturday, May 4, 2013

Post 2333 - Saturday

Hi, folks.

It is about 12:45 Sunday morning. I've had a busy day.

Being Saturday I took my mother shopping. She wanted to go to the drug store and the used clothing store. We had lunch at the Swiss Chalet in New Minas. I had the butter chicken and loved it. Mom had the quarter chicken dinner.

After lunch we went to Sobeys and Giant Tiger. For some reason they've been around for 52 years and are celebrating it. I recognized some staff who had worked at the recently-closed Zellers. Glad they found a gig.

Dropped Mom off at Shannex and came back here. Thought I'd take a short nap and slept for 4 hours. I think I'm regressing to my childhood. How long before I need diapers again? Don't answer that question.

This evening I went downstairs and retrieved the lawn tractor battery and went out to the garage to install it in the lawn tractor. Check. Tried to start the lawn tractor. No dice.

The battery seemed to be running down so I hooked it up to my car battery to give it a boost. Still wouldn't turn over. Crap.

I grabbed the jerry can and drove to the local Irving station and filled it up. Returned to the garage and filled up the gas tank. It already had some gas in it but I filled it up anyway. Did the engine turn over? What do you think?

Not six months ago Mom paid quite a bit of money to get the lawn tractor freshened up. New spark plugs and lots of other things to make it run better. The battery is maybe 2 years old and spends its Winters in the house under a heat vent. It should be in excellent shape and last a few more years.

I'm at a loss. The next door neighbour will be coming over here around 10:30 Sunday morning to help me get the damn thing working again. As he said, and I agreed, it's probably something stupid. I'll kick myself when I find out what it is. Of course, I'll tell you all about it. I have low self esteem and enjoy demonstrating my lack of intelligence.

SNL is on. The stoner from the Hangover movies is the host. Zach dont-ask-me-to-spell-his-last-akis. Will turn in soon. Newbie will join me because that is what he does.

Send your theories about the lawn tractor to me. I need to hear about how much smarter you are than I am. It's that low self esteem thing I mentioned 2 paragraphs above. Rub it in. Be like everybody else.

See you tomorrow.

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