Monday, May 6, 2013

Post 2334 - Oops!

Hi again, my readers.

I'm sorry I didn't write on Sunday.  I had a pretty busy day, and collapsed in bed back in Halifax much earlier than I expected to.  Have I mentioned I have an extreme loss of energy lately?  I am either sick, or very lazy.

Anyway, Sunday morning I finally got the damned lawn tractor started.  It took my neighbour's NAPA portable battery charger, which he pulled behind him on wheels as if it were luggage, and which he had to plug into a garage outlet, in order to get the motor to turn over.  It enabled me to mow the lawn until I had to get off the tractor and move something.  That automatically cuts the engine.  I was unable to restart it, so the neigbhour had to come over and use that battery charger.  He says that the battery contact is crappy, but it's the same contact as last year.  I'm thinking that since he had to use the charger that the battery itself is on its way out.  Which pisses me off, because it is only 2 years old and spent both of the last two Winters stored in my dad's old workshop underneath a heating vent, where it should have been comparitively warm.   I thought I'd bought a good quality battery 2 years ago.  I guess I will have to buy a supremely good battery this time.  I will also invest in a trickle charger in an effort to keep any new lawn tractor battery charged up.

In addition, the roof at my mother's garage must be re-shingled, probably sooner rather than later.  The shingles are curling like the springs on my mattress.  Probably can't ignore it much longer.  That's ok.  I'm rich. 

I cleaned up around the house for a while in the afternoon.  Washed the dishes. Fed Newbie.  Washed him ralph on the kitchen floor. Cleaned up his mess.  Stuffed him into his carrier.  Removed a mirror from my mother's bedroom and put it in the car to take to her nursing home. 

Visited Mom in her nursing home room.  She took one look at me and announced that I looked exhausted.  She offered me her bed to nap on, which was sweet, and probably a scathing indictment on how I must have looked to her. 

After my visit, I fortified myself with coffee from the Just Us! in Wolfville and hit the road.  Newbie was sullen with me, not looking at me or meowing or anything else.  Probably just plotting how to gain control of the car and get me to be in the carrier instead of him. 

I got back to the city.  We ate fish and chips, and I can state that I don't care if I ever eat f&c ever again.  They always taste greasy and disgusting.  F&C is the ham of seafood. 

By 8pm, I was dozing off on the fridge.  I went upstairs and collapsed on the bed and lay there for the rest of the night.  I did remain awake long enough to hear David Myles on Q104 talking about his upcoming tour and album.  I am such a fan of this guy.  His music has become much more versatile since he teamed up with Classified last year for a song that is impossible to get out of your head.  It is starting to take off in Europe and in the United States.  I believe "Inner Ninja" was used on the soundtrack of a recent tv show. 

I have liked David Myles' music for years now.  I have a picture of him and me together somewhere, taking on a shitty BlackBerry camera.  I had no idea, and I'm sure he didn't either, that his biggest hit would be a hip-hop-laced song with a noted hip-hop artist named Classified.  At what point did David Myles think his music would be broadcast on The Bounce in Halifax?  And that I would enjoy this song so much that I would hum it to myself at work and turn up the radio every time I heard it thereon?

For my American readers, all 2.1 of you, go ahead and watch this video and try to get this song out of your head.  Just try!

Anyway, Myles is playing in Halifax this Thursday night.  I have ordered tickets for Patricia and me.  And I can hardly wait to see him again.

You guys have a great day.  I will try to write another post Monday evening.


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