Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post 2337 - Tuesday

A long day.  A short post.

After work we didn't feel like coming home and cooking a meal.   Patricia suggested Swiss Chalet, and I nearly drove into the ditch in my excitement.  There is something about the food there that entices me to the point where I become less of a boy, less of a man, and more of a ravenous carnivore bent on eating anything that used to have a face.   Don't judge me.

Actually, Mom and I had been at the Swiss Chalet on May 4th.  I'd noticed the new menu options and selected the butter chicken bowl.  I ate every scrap of victuals placed in front of me, and looked around the bowl to see if an errant piece of rice or a shoot of cauliflower had tried to get away from me.  No such luck.

I mentioned the butter chicken to Patricia this evening.  We both decided to have it.  I think the version of the dish was slightly better in New Minas, although it may come down to "you never forget your first."  A premature feeling of nostalgia, perhaps.

At any rate, Patricia very much enjoyed her dinner, and I did, mine.  I paid up and we left and came home.  The cats probably smelled the chicken on our breaths and demanded their own dinner.  I delegated that task to Patricia and went downstairs for a moment to see if the internet connection was still working.  It's been pretty spotty lately.

It is now 9:45.  I will call my doctor in the morning to make an appointment to discuss the blood test results that will have reached him by Thursday.  I should find out then whether I have a spastic colon, an extreme case of shiftlessness, or the dreaded SCS (Sivilcervant Syndrome.)  I will tell you all about it, of course.  I like to share.

If you want to start an office pool at your place of work and bet on what is wrong with me, please go ahead.  Anything I can do to help morale.  Just throw some of the love my way.  Patricia doesn't know about my 3 ex-wives.

You guys have a good evening.  Newbie and Patricia and Cindy and I send our best.


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