Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post 2338 - Wednesday

Well, it's past 10pm.   Newbie is at my feet, staring at the tv while I type these words.

You've been asking me about my internet connection, and I am happy to tell you.   My computer tells me that I have a 96% connection strength, but 96% of a slow connection.  I tried to play some youtube videos a few minutes ago and it was like listening to Johnny Mathis records: Whole syllables and frames got dropped.  Youtube videos should run with little or no problem.

What else is going on?  Well, we had toastmasters this evening.  Two speeches.  One was about a member's home country's passion for soccer and the depths to which some people will go to win.  It's all about witchdoctors, folks.  The other one was about a member's moustache and how it can provoke visceral reactions from some women.  Some like it.  Many don't care one way or the other.  And about 20% hate moustaches to the point where they will walk up to strangers and castigate them for having them.

I can't grow a full beard.  It doesn't fill in.  But I  have had a moustache off and on for several years.  I may re-grow it this year so I can also be castigated by ball-busting women who have little regard for the feelings and ego's they're crushing.  High school all over again.

Newbie is cleaning himself.  I shudder to think of the hair balls that he will cough up over the next couple of days.   I swear, there are times when he looks embarrassed when he pukes or coughs up a hair ball.   He will stand or sit next to what came out of him and look up at me with an I'm sorry look on his face.  Cutest thing.  Gives me something to think about when I'm cleaning up the barf.  I wonder if threw up on the carpet and looked at Newbie with a similar look, if he would clean up my mess?  Worth a try.   I'll report back on that, soon.

Two days until the weekend.  And it's a long weekend.  Cool.

See you tomorrow.


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