Thursday, May 16, 2013

Post 2339 - Thursday

It is past 9:30.  Killing time before I turn in.

We had a barbecue at work today.  I participated of course.  Most of the folks at my work did.  I was very surprised that one particular person did, though.  He is Scottish, and lives up to the stereotype.  He is cheap.  Parsimonious.  Niggardly.  Stingy.  You catch my drift.

I imagined how he came up with money to pay for the barbecue today.  Did he collect pop bottles in the ditch and cash them in over the last 9 months or so?  "Find" some copper wiring?  Deliver pizzas, using someone else's car and gasoline?  It's hard to say.  

Just before the barbecue I called Canadian Blood Services to cancel today's blood donation.  I told the nurse that upon the advice of my doctor that I should only donate plasma.  The nurse I spoke to told me that they would not want me at all, since I was under a doctor's care.

I learned something at that moment.  CBS did research recently and concluded that blood donors should take iron supplements to generate the iron lost in during their donations.  They also found that it takes upwards of 90 days for a person to replenish his iron/ferritin levels after a donation.  Meanwhile, you're allowed to donate after only 56 days.  Over time, that deficit gets worse and worse, which could certainly account for my exhaustion.

If I had had any idea what cumulative effect my blood donations would have on my body, and my health, I would have reduced their frequency to prevent this situation from taking place.  I believe people have a duty, an obligation, a commitment, to donate blood if they are able to, but not at the expense of their health.  I'm sure you agree.

Anyway, I will share this information with my doc on Wednesday, when we meet to discuss my most recent test results.  He may or may not already know this.  I can't expect him to know everything about everything.  

CBS understands and will not call me for 6 months, until I have sufficiently recovered my iron and ferritin levels.  It may be longer if my doc feels I should not.  Maybe I will never be able to resume my blood donations.  It is all up in the air.

Having this information makes me feel better.  It all makes sense.  I just hope that this is what the problem is so I can take steps to correct it.  I'll keep you abreast.  I know you care, all 4.7 of you.

That's it for tonight.  See you tomorrow.


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