Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post 2341 - Sunday

Let's see here. I slept in. My mother called to wake me up. She didn't ask if we could go out to lunch in so many words. Just hinted around in such a way as to make her interest clear.

She indicated an interest in going to the Chinese buffet place in Coldbrook. It turned out to be closed, so we drove down the street to a pub we'd never been to. It's called Lew Murphy's. Used to be a Pizza Delight.

Food was very good. Prices were reasonable. Mom didn't finish her lunch, but she seldom does any more, mostly because she gets fed several mini meals a day.

We spent a bit of time in New Minas before I took Mom back to her home. I made my departure and returned here. Of course, I needed a nap.

Got up around 6. Have spent the last few hours watching the tube and washing some clothes. It is now past 10:45 and I will be turning in shortly. Been a long day.

Yeah. I'm sleeping a lot. Sue me.

Back to the city tomorrow afternoon. After I have a nap of course.

See you tomorrow.

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