Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post 2343 - Remember Me?

Hey, folks.

I am sorry that I haven't written in 3 days.  I was sick on Tuesday and didn't actually get up until 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  More about that a bit later.

I returned to work on Wednesday and had my doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  You know, the appointment I had been waiting for, for some time.

In broad strokes, I had some super fun tests conducted.   Nothing dire came from them.  I have no tumours or things of that nature.  However, my iron levels are very low, and they have in turn taxed my ferritin levels, which are about one third of what they should be.  The mystery has been: why?

I recently admitted to my doctor that I am a regular blood donor.  I made this comment in an off hand way.  I could see a little light bulb go off over his head.  (In keeping with environmental concerns, I hasten to add that this was an LED light bulb, expensive, but it will pay for itself in the medium term.)  Of course, when you give blood, it reduces your iron levels.  But I had to go through more of those fun tests first.  Which I did.

I was asked to stop donating blood while I was under a doctor's care.  I could donate plasma if I wanted to.  I called Canadian Blood Services and told them about my situation.  They told me that they didn't want to see me for at least six months. 

Then things got very interesting.

I was informed that CBS scientists recently completed some research that indicated that it takes upwards of 90 days to replenish one's iron supply following a blood donation.  Meanwhile, you're allowed to donate your life juices every 56 days.  You can develop a significant iron deficit, which only increases every 56 days when you do the next bloodletting.  CBS announced this week that they're letting gay men donate blood under certain circumstances.  They are going to make another announcement very soon that blood donors should take iron supplements, going forward. 

Now they tell me!

As I mentioned last week, I believe in donating blood.  I do not believe in it at the expense of my health.  If I have to take iron supplements for the next several months to get my iron and ferritin levels back to healthy numbers, then I must re-think the very notion of donating blood in the first place.

I don't mind admitting that I am more than a little ticked off at Canadian Blood Services.  I can't believe that this research they did was that revelatory to them. How many other people over the years were feeling logy after donating blood and upped their iron intake as a natural consequence?  Nobody told me that extreme loss of energy and a highly compromised iron supply would be the results of these donations. 

At any rate, I am on iron supplements.  I am going to eat iron-rich victuals from now on.  This situation will not resolve itself over night, but rather over the course of a few months.  By the way, how many of you sounded out "victuals" correctly? 

Which brings me to you and this blog.

There are going to be more days like Tuesday when I can't get out of bed no way, no how.  I will have more nights like last night, when I had to hit the hay at 8:30 in order to get enough energy together to return to work this morning.  I feel ok today, but this evening may be another story.  I hope to stay up long enough to set up my netflix account and stream something to my tv, but that may not happen.  I really have to get back to transcribing interviews as soon as I get more strength in my body to allow this.  Just last week, I got a lovely thank you card from Ron Roberts, legendary Halifax radio broadcaster, urging me to call him and arrange an interview time and place.  I want to do that.  The man is 80 and not well and has many stories to tell and no outlet for them.  And let's not mention the tidying up that must take place at my house and my mother's house.

What I'm trying to say is that regaining my health is important to me.  I have things to do that require my attention that aren't getting done because of my low energy levels.  So, if you don't see my blog posts for a day or so, here and there, you can assume that I simply didn't have the gumption, the wherewithal, the intestinal fortitude, to write any.  I'm sorry.  It's my reality for the next few months while I cope with, and recover from, this medical condition.

I'll see you tomorrow.

(I hope.)


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Liver & onions 3 x per week will fix you right some fast ...