Saturday, May 25, 2013

Post 2345 - Saturday

It's past midnight on Sunday morning. I will turn in soon.

I got up in Halifax at 6:45 and drove up here. I barely unloaded the car before I picked up Mom and brought her back to the house for lunch. She also supervised my cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of the meat load that will be filling it on Sunday.

I picked up the iron supplements that my doctor recommended. 30 pills for 23 dollars. I'm to take them with food so I will start taking them in the morning.

Back here in the early evening I took a nap before getting up and watching "Orphan Black" and "Inner Space".

Back to the city Sunday afternoon after I get my meat.

Where's my meat? I want my meat! Meat! Grr! Good! Meat!

Mouth is watering.

Guess I'll turn in and conserve my strength.

See you tomorrow.

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