Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post 2347 - Meat! (Part Two)

First of all, I'm sorry I didn't write last evening. I ended up falling asleep in my car while Patricia was shopping. I slept until 8:30. Drove home. And went to bed.

No surf and turf last night.

Tonight was a different story. We got home from work and dug out our cast iron skillet. Patricia put some oil in the skillet and heated it and spread the oil around. I tossed in it the fresh sirloin steak I brought up with me on Sunday. Added some mushrooms. Month spices were added. We wanted to know what the steak would be like unadulterated.

In another skillet I added some scallops that had been dipped in flour beforehand. In a third I added some shredded potatoes.

Everything tasted great. Scallops should only be cooked for 3 or 4 minutes and I didn't forget that. The steak took longer. The steak was moist and tender and is among the best pieces of steak I have ever had. We are confident that it'll be that much better when it is in a maranade or a rub is applied or it is Cajun-blackened or something. Patricia will take some steak with her to the cottage this weekend and bbq a piece. Lucky her.

We had pie for dessert.

Dinner tonight was excellent. It is just a prelude to all the beef we will consume over the next year. That delicious beef is awaiting us in my mother's freezer and I can't wait to eat more of it. Just pretend that I'm $crooge McDuck tossing packages of hamburger in the air and diving through piles of t-bone steak. If you're really nice to me I'll shoot video of me doing it.

See you tomorrow.

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