Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post 2349 - Thursday

Well, how is your evening going?

We had a somewhat longer lunch hour today.  A co-worker was retiring today after some 32 years of service with the province.  He is a good guy, and I wish him all the best.

I don't drink much.  I think you know that.  But I couldn't help myself today.  Maybe it was because of the company.  Maybe it was because I was at the shittiest eating establishment in Halifax, The Lion's Head Tavern, and needed some liquid courage to choke down the victuals they would put in front of me.  The Cajun-blackened pan fried haddock was edible, but that is all it was.  I guarantee to you that no Cajuns were harmed during the production of this fish.  I'm not even sure if any fish were harmed.

I got former reader Jane to get the following picture of me holding a beer and a Blog business card.  I hope you like it.  Due to the magic of bluetooth technology on the BlackBerry, and this computer, I was able to transfer the picture to the downloads folder on this machine.  Pretty neat.  Of course, I thought it was neat how I could be at my parents' place and my vcr was dutifully recording some shows for me here in the city.  I'm easily awed.

Oh, I found out about a friend who retired some two years ago.  Ted was a very nice man to work with.  I loved his stories of older-time Halifax, and about the time he and his wife accidentally ended up in the gay pride parade.  It's a classic.  I was told today that he is a regular reader of this blog.  Hello, Ted.  I hope you are enjoying your retirement.  And I would love to be able to sit down with you and discuss some of these Halifax stories.  They would make a very nice addition to the blog interview collection.

Not much else to report.  Bought some cat food after work tonight.  The old catfood was making Cindy sick; Newbie was ambivalent toward it.  We are both hoping that they like what I bought this evening.  Curse them for changing the formula on the old food!

You guys have a good evening.  I love all 4.7 of you.



Xenosns said...

My liver and onions was quite good. Perhaps you should try that next time.

Bevboy said...

I'll need major liquid encouragement first.