Saturday, June 1, 2013

Post 2351 - Saturday


Very late at night. I am at my mother's yet again. Patricia is at the cottage. Newbie is here with me.

I drove up this morning. I mowed most of the lawn before I went to pick up Mom. She wanted to go shopping.

We ended up having lunch at Rosie's in Wolfville. Then to Lawtons and Superstore in New Minas. Then icecream at Dairy Queen. Then back to her nursing home. Then I came back here and slept for a couple of hours.

The heat sapped what energy I had. It was beastly hot today. After my long nap I went back outside and finished mowing the lawn.

I have spent the bulk of the evening in front of my free tv. I watched a couple episodes of "The Americans" before the season enders to "Orphan Black" and "In the Flesh". Now I'm watching a film called "Zombie Apocalypse". Ving Rhames and the frizzy haired guy from "My Name Is Earl" are the only two I recognize. Rhames was also in the big budget remake of "Dawn of the Dead" several years ago. Wonder how he felt being in this cheapo movie.

I will turn in after this is over. When I do get up I have to clean out my car. Misplaced a sandwich in the back seat last year and really should eat it soon.

Found out about the existence of another guy named Bev this evening. We could probably form a baseball team by now. We'd all throw like girls though. Wouldn't get us too far in the standings.

Have a pleasant evening, folks. See you tomorrow.

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