Sunday, June 2, 2013

Post 2352 - An Extra Day

Sunday night. Pretty much Monday morning. I'm still in the Valley.

Turns out my mother has an important meeting at her nursing home on Monday. I will attend. Just as well because the things I should have got done on Sunday, didn't get done.

That means my car still has that six month old sandwich in the back seat. I recall I prepared it with extra mayo, so I really should consume it soon. I think there may be some, um, overripe bananas there as well. Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow. Yep.

I did take Mom shopping on Sunday. She likes that teeny tiny used clothing place in New Minas that you wouldn't even know was there unless someone told you or you happened to be at the sushi place next door and wondered why there was a "cash only" sign in the window and ventured inside to see why so many elderly women frequented the establishment.

I ended up buying a couple of summer shirts and a pair of shorts. I overdressed when I came up this weekend. The heat nearly did me in on Saturday so I bought some lighter clothes.

Of course by the time I got back here and ate supper I had been up for about six hours. Nap time!

I've spent the balance of the evening watching some eps of The Americans and the second Harold and Kumar film. I love these movies. Wish they'd make them more frequently.

Time for bed. Been nearly 5 hours since my last nap. Frigging low iron levels are kicking my ass.

See you tomorrow.

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