Thursday, June 6, 2013

Post 2355 - Goodbye To The Bargain Shop

Sorry I didn't write on Wednesday. Had to turn in early. Iron.

It's been a long day. Had a hard time getting up this morning.

A store I've shopped at a whole lot since I started working in the other part of the city, shut down today. Since they announced their closure a few months ago, they've been gradually increasing the percentage by which they were selling off their wares.

I've spent a small fortune there. I've replaced nearly my entire sock collection. I can throw out my wireless N router twice, since I've got 2 new ones on deck that I got for 15 dollars each. Bought dvd's to watch at my mother's since there's no internet connection down there. Half price thumb drives and sd cards. Based on advice from a co-worker I've purchased many of the commercial-grade hooks stuck in the pegboard they hung merchandise from. Dad had some hooks but they are of inferior quality and don't jut out as much as the ones I've been buying. They were 10 cents each until Wednesday, when they went down to a nickel apiece.

Their victuals went on sale much more recently. Coffee tins were marked down. I have enough coffee at my mother's to keep me up for years. I have my very own book rack. I have a high quality fixture in the garage that holds tools and the like. Another fixture is like a portable piece of pegboard. I just have to use a couple of the holes to attach them to some studs and I will have an excellent quality peg board to house some of these hooks.

Light bulbs were marked down a lot. I bought plenty of 60 watt ones. I use them, among other things, as security lights over the garage, which is much cheaper than flood lights. Why use flood lights? Not when a regular bulb can cost me only 55 cents or so? The light bulbs will last me for years.

I bought other stuff as well. I got a good half dozen screwdrivers at 70 cents each. They have multiple bits and will be lightly used, but that's the whole idea.

Laundry detergent. Dish detergent. Jeans. CD's. Clock radios. Power bars. Automatic transmission fluid. Oil. I can't remember what all I got.

I will miss the Bargain Shop. Not just the store. The staff were a delight. The manager's name is Ruth, and she is a lovely person. And she and all the other folks who worked there, are now unemployed. I hope and trust they will find new work and soon.

Today I dashed across the street and went into Superstore and got a vegetable tray for the hard working staff. Someone else got them cupcakes. A staff person was lugging coffee, probably paid for by the owner. I hope others bought them things as well.

As I understand it, this particular store had good sales, but the corporate owners decided to shut down most of the stores across the country. The Young Street store was one of the last ones standing.

This is a blow to the community. This part of the city doesn't have many affordable department-type stores. Many people can't afford to get to, let alone shop at, stores in other parts of town. It's just a damned shame that the community will no longer have this outlet.

Thanks for letting me shop there so much the last couple of years. My very best to you. Keep in touch. You all have Blog business cards.

See you tomorrow.

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