Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post 2357 - Tuesday

Hey, folks.  How are you?

I am feeling much better tonight than I did last night.  It was all I could do last evening to wash some dishes before turning in for the evening at 8pm.  I only got up at 6:37 this morning after Patricia screamed in my ear for five minutes.  In other words, a typical morning at Casa Bevboy.

For the second day in a row, the low brake fluid message came on in the car.  I had already fixed the sensor indicating low oil, and I have learned to ignore the low washer fluid message because I check that reservoir a lot.  The brake fluid worried me a bit, because you kinda need brakes to stop a car.

According to some research, there could be a small leak in the hose.  The sensor could be faulty.  Or maybe I just needed to put some fluid in the reservoir.  I did notice the light did go out after a while as the fluid presumably sloshed around from one side to another. 

After work I checked the level in the reservoir.  It seemed to be just below the minimum level.  I decided to buy some brake fluid at the local Crappy Tire, put a little bit of it in the reservoir, and started the car after putting the cap back in place on the reservoir.  So far, fingers crossed, the light hasn't come on.  Remind me to tell you about it in the morning.

We decided to get some dinner at the nearby Brewdebakers.  I had never been there before.  We ordered a caesar salad to share.  Patricia had fajitas and I had a fisherman's platter.  Excellent. 

Patricia had strawberry daiquiris.  Two of them.  She was pretty happy.  I buried my sorrows in root beer. 

Patricia let me get a couple pics of her on the BlackBerry camera.  Here they are.  Once again, the built-in Bluetooth on this netbook has been a God send.  So easy to send contents from the BlackBerry to this computer wirelessly. 

She's  not a cheap drunk, but it can be achieved.

We got home.  Fed the cats.  And ended up feeding a neighbour's cat that wandered over to our kitchen window.  It mewled until we fed it something.  Patricia ended up holding the cat, which caused it to start purring like the kitten it was.  I would consider having a third cat.  Patricia's heart may melt a bit more if I ply her with more strawberry daiquiris.  Wish me luck.

I have had my shower.  I feel pretty good tonight.  I will probably read a chapter or two in a film biography I'm working my way through.  And I wonder if my iron levels are finally on their way up to where I want the little bastards to be.

Let's hope.

Remember: strawberry daiquiris are the way to a woman's heart. 

See you tomorrow.



Unknown said...

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Bevboy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Steve. Keep reading. I update this blog nearly every day.

I hope you become one of the "4.7".