Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Post 2358 - A Night Out

Wow.  Blog posts, two nights in a row.  Are you impressed yet?

After work today we had dinner at Boneheads, a local barbecue joint.  It is miles, leagues, light years, ahead of the bbq dump at Dartmouth Crossing, where we ate during the Winter.  Boneheads is where it's at.  I love that place.  I just have to wonder how much longer they can languish in that part of town, off the main drag and out of the downtown.   Why don't they move downtown, and why don't they open up a second restaurant out closer to my home?

After dinner we drove to the Spatz Theatre to attend a taping of CBC Radio's "Quirks and Quarks".  I have listened to this science show since I was quite little, back when David Suzuki was the host, which wasn't yesterday.

Every year they have at least one "Question" show.  It's where you call or write or send in some way, a science-related question.  They choose the most interesting ones and find experts to answer them.  This evening, they had 10 questions, and 10 experts to provide responses.

I could get into the questions or you can listen to the show yourself.  You can turn on your radio and tune it to your local CBC radio one station (90.5 FM in Halifax), or fire up and click on the listen tab.  The program recorded this evening will be broadcast at 11am ET on Saturday the 15th.  Alternatively, you can download a podcast of the program from the cbc website.  I will do this, as it was a pretty good program, and I was delighted to have been able to attend it.

After that was over, we drove back home.  The little brake fluid light did not come on, which tells me that I was able to fix the problem on my very own.  So there!   We got home.  Fed the cats.  Got into our comfies.  And it's about time to turn in.

Two days in a row.  Two blog posts.  And I am not exhausted this evening.  Maybe my iron levels are starting to turn the corner.  Let's hope for the best.  I'm getting tired of being bunged up.

Yeah.  I share a lot.

See you tomorrow.


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