Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post 2362 - No Nap

It is 8:45 at night.  You know what?  I have gone the entire day without taking a nap today.  Are you proud of me?  Huh?

I didn't get up until around 10am.  This was not bad considering that I was up until 2:30 this morning.  After I wrote the Saturday blog post, I went to bed and read until that late hour.

The time was, I could get up beastly early and go to bed very late, and turn around and do it all over again.  That was my university period.  I was a full-time student and had part-time jobs.  I had to go to my classes, do my university work and work at the library or wherever I was working at the time.   One year, I took an elective English course.  Thinking it would not be difficult, that I could just breeze through.  The full, me.  I had a full course load and was otherwise reading the many books the professor was getting us to read, and then write papers about them.   It was a pace that I could never hope to duplicate today.  You can read the 1986 entry in the year in review series and see more deets or re-familiarize yourself with that period in my life.

Anyway, I can't keep those kinds of hours any more, and that's fine.   It still gives me time to be contemplative as well as rest and finish getting over this lovely iron deficiency that has been kicking my ass for months now.

Of course, being Father's Day, I had lots of time to think  about my father.  We were using Netflix today and I noticed all these classic Western films.  I remarked to Patricia that my dad would have loved to sit there all day long and watch these films.  I had bought him vhs tapes and then dvd's of John Wayne movies, and he'd watch them over and over.  He developed a late-in-life liking for Harrison Ford; he must have watched "Air Force One" a dozen times, even muttering "Get off my plane!" under his breath when he was in a moment of reverie.

Dad died 3 years ago last month.  I still miss him, and I know I always will.  For the longest time after he died, I expected him to round the corner from the kitchen and greet me in the living room.  The old family home is occupied only the times I stay there, which works out to a couple of weekends a month.  It is hard to believe that at one time a family of six lived there.  Not, it's just me, and my mother's Winter clothing.  And Newbie, when I can trick him into his carrier.  And Mom herself, the odd time.  When things change, they can change pretty quickly, can't they?

Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow.  It will be time to wear pants again, dammit to heck.  Muumuu's are so comfortable and freeing.   You don't know what you're missing.

Have a nice evening.  I will see you tomorrow.  And hug your dad for me.


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