Monday, June 17, 2013

Post 2363 - Radio Stuff!

A brief post.  Ostensibly.

I wasn't feeling well last night and nearly lost my dinner around 2 o'clock this morning.  I eventually got back to sleep, but it was even harder than normal to get up at my usual time.  We left the house late.  Realized I'd left my lunch on the counter.  Left a second time, driving for some distance before I realized that my parking pass was in Patricia's car.  We doubled back a second time to retrieve it.  Despite all this silliness, I was only 20 minutes late this morning.  Sorry, guys.

I spent my lunch hour transcribing the last couple pieces of the Julia Kirkey interview.  I have about 10 minutes of material left.  I had no idea this would take so long.  Frigging iron deficiency has been affecting me in many ways.  The good news is that this will be a good interview, maybe even a very good one, with a fair amount of controversy.  It will also be very long.

After that I have to transcribe the Mike Cranston interview.  And I have been trying to connect with Ron Roberts, but the guy is never home.  From what I can tell, he only worked at CJCH for a couple of years in the 1950's before going to Ontario and eventually ending up in television, I think locally.  I really don't know much about the man, or that era of Halifax radio.   I look forward to learning stuff and sharing it with you, my 4.7 readers.

Speaking of which, if there is someone you would like me to try to interview, preferably in the radio field, let me know and I will see if I can make it happen.  I am fairly well known in radio circles.  Kids applying to the radio course at NSCC have cited my interviews as a reason they wanted to get into the biz.

Andrew Chiasson also interviewed me and Frank Cameron and Wayne Harrett as part of one of his projects this Spring.  I keep meaning to link to the interview so that you can listen to it as well.  Assuming you care that is.

Anyway, you can hear the interview right here.  Scroll down to "Major Project", and you will hear us talking about the art and history of DX'ing, the process of listening to far away AM radio stations.  Yes, I still do that.  My car has an excellent AM tuner.  I know that I can fire up my browser and go to or something, and hear whatever I want to; but there is still something about being able to pick up a radio station at night from hundreds of miles away.  It is almost like being sneaky about something.

But play it back and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow.


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