Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post 2365 - The Rule Of Three

It is just past 9pm.   Normally, I would only have been home for a short while, thanks to my weekly Toastmasters meeting.   However, we are on Summer break until after Labour Day, so I got to go home at 4:30.

When we got home Patricia decided to take a nap.  I soon joined her; before I knew it, I was fast asleep as well, not getting up until around 8:30.   So much for my improving iron levels.

Today, James Gandolfini died.  I was not held in thrall about that show the way so many other people were.  Like too many HBO shows, the episodes dragged more than a little bit, as if the actors were making it up as they went along.  They would punctuate the monotony with some sex and violence.   I guess I like a little more story in my tv.  But Gandolfini was inextricably linked with that show, and I enjoyed watching him on the program.

Kim Thompson also died today.  He was an editor almost from the beginning of The Comics Journal.  He began working on the magazine in 1976, along with Gary Groth and Mike Catron.   I used to read TCJ regularly, in an effort to impress... well, nobody at all, it turned out.  Much more to my liking was Amazing Heroes, which Kim Thompson oversaw for its full 204 issue run.  I have got rid of most of my comics, but I don't think I have ever parted with any issues of Amazing Heroes.  Among other things, they published my favourite comics story of all time, "Skyborne" by Dwight R. Decker.  It was only published the one time, in instalments in Amazing Heroes, and I loved it.  I even got my younger sister to read the story, and she loved it as well.

Anyway, Kim Thompson's editing and editorializing was never anything less than interesting, and I am sorry to see another piece of my childhood go away from me.  RIP, Kim Thompson.

Lastly, Slim Whitman died today.  He was 90.  I was never a fan, but lots of people were.  His singing voice sounded like nothing human, but once again, he would never have sold as many records as he did had he not had people who liked that sort of thing.

You know, to list just 3 people who died today is pretty silly.  Around the world, many thousands of people died on June 19, 2013.  But we just focus on the people who are celebrities or who are known in certain circles.  For example, my father died the same day that actress Lynn Redgrave did.  I remember hearing about her death around lunch time on May 3rd; I got the news about my father around 3:50.  Which one was more important to me?  That's why I'm loathe to make fun of those folks who crossed over, because they would always have left behind people who cared for them who would not appreciate snotty comments made about the deceased.   I think I am the only one who has read every single post,  but that is one reason why Bevboy's Blog began in the first place.  You can go back and read post #300 for the full details.

My condolences to the families of Slim Whitman, Kim Thompson and James Gandolfini.  And everyone else who died today.

See you tomorrow.


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