Thursday, June 20, 2013

Post 2366 - An Interesting Challenge

Hello, my wonderful readers.  How are you this evening?

I am fine.  I have had much more energy this week than I have had in several weeks, minus the little Wednesday night set back.  But here it is, after 9pm, and I feel I can keep going for another 40 minutes or so.  I think the worst of my iron deficiency is behind me.  Thank you, Crom and Mitra.

I had meant to tell you about something that I got in the mail yesterday.  Yes.  The mail.  You know: You walk from your front door to one of those super mailboxes.  Use your key to open your little mailbox, and extract what is therein.  Ask your parents about this process if it is new to you.

Anyway, I received an ARC from one of my favourite authors.  His name is Max Allan Collins.  He mostly writes detective/mystery/crime fiction; I have been a fan of his for a few decades now.  On the bookcase to my left, I have an entire shelf crammed full of MAC's books, with a few more on the shelf above, plus more items on my kindle.  MAC has probably earned enough royalty money from just me purchasing  his stuff to buy himself a decent pair of shoes or to take his wife out to dinner to Red Lobster, as long as they didn't order an appetizer or alcohol.

Go ahead.  Check out his website.


What's that?

What is an ARC?

In writer lingo, an ARC is an advanced reading copy. It is a copy of a book sent out prior to its publication to professional book reviewers so that they will have time to read it  and write a review that is published the same time the book is.

I got this book because I read MAC's website every Tuesday, when the great man himself writes a blog entry.  A couple of weeks ago, he offered to send out 10 advanced reading copies of his to-be-published-in-September novel, "What Doesn't Kill Her".  As soon as I finish the really creepy Ray Garton novel I'm plowing through, I will read the ARC.  I will write some kind of review.  And it will show up on Amazon as soon as the book comes out  That was the deal.  He sends you the book, for free.  You review it.  Even if you don't like the book (impossible, where he is concerned), you can post this review.  Of course, you get to keep the book.  Sweet deal.

This is a first for me.  I have never had a writer whose work I really liked send me something before.  I mean, Stephen King has never sent me anything, not a doggone thing, not even Bengay to rub into my tired muscles after holding up one his 3000 page novels for extended periods.

Anyway, I will read this book.  I will write a review.  I will post it here.  And, if I am lucky, Max Allan Collins will post to my review from his own blog/website.  I may pick up another 3/10's of a reader out of this.

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


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