Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post 2369 - Monday

Hi.  How are you?

Sorry I didn't write on Sunday.  I slept in.  Cooked steak and eggs for my lunch.  Napped.  Visited my mother and sat out in the shade with her and her new friends.  Returned to her house.  Napped again.  Collected Newbie.  Returned to the city.  And went to bed for the evening around 8pm.  Did I forget to take my iron supplements yesterday or something?

Returned to work this morning.  It was a long day.  Every few hours I kept wanting to walk across the parking lot to The Bargain Shop to pick up some snacks or another tv remote discounted by 90%, or even some of those hook things you attach to peg board and hang things from.  I have a life time supply of those hooks.  Even if every house I have control off burns down, I can fish enough of those hooks from the embers to attach to fresh pegboard.  I also have a lifetime supply of ice scrapers.  They were 80% toward the end.  Couldn't resist.  If you ever need one, let me know and I will make you a deal.  Ditto for remote controls or Justin Timberlake dvd's, or boxes of Cream of Wheat.

Got home a few minutes earlier this evening.  Didn't have to wait for Patricia.  She had to take her car in for repairs.  She had to shell out a tidy sum, but not nearly as tidy as what I had to a few months ago. I spent nearly 3000 dollars on my car, what with new tires and ... crap, I forget what all I had done.  I just know that nearly all of it was necessary.  If my car doesn't last me for at least 3 more years, I will scream.

Not much else is going on.  I finished reading a horror novel this evening called "Shackled" by a guy named Ray Garton.  My first Garton novel.  I gave it four stars, but with the proviso that this material is not for everybody.  It was a violent and disturbing book, which nonetheless has a pretty satisfying ending.  The bad guys are evil nearly beyond description, so it was fun to see them ultimately get what was coming to them.  Next novel I read will be the ARC I got from Max Allan Collins last week.  Will commence that over the long weekend.

I also read a Stephen King story this evening called "A Very Tight Place", about a guy who gets trapped in a portable toilet.  Pretty gross.

Newbie is gazing up at me with his come hither look.  He cannot be denied.

See you tomorrow.


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