Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post 2370 - A Wonderful Dinner

First of all, I did write a post on Monday night.  But somehow, foolishly, I forgot to publish it.  That's why you get 2 posts this evening.  Feel happy.

Monday evening we were wondering what to prepare for dinner this evening.  We didn't want to prepare anything elaborate or that was hot, because it matches the weather.  Somehow I got the idea of having a ploughman's lunch, which typically consists of some meat, bread, cheese, maybe some fruit, and perhaps a few other simple things.

Patricia ran with it.  She went to Pete's Frootique during her lunch hour and spent more than a little bit of money on the appropriate victuals.  I had already taken some lobster meat out of the freezer, as well as smoked salmon slices so thin they only have one side.

I picked up Patricia after work because the bag carrying the groceries was too heavy to take on the bus. Drove home.  I fed the cats and came upstairs to have a nap to try to sleep off the headache that I had acquired during the day.  It must have worked because the next thing I knew, Patricia was summoning me downstairs for dinner.

I was blown away by the quality of the dinner.  Ploughman's lunches are simple but super filling, because of the bread I guess.

As you can see there was quite a spread, and Patricia took great pride in preparing it.  I ate it with great gusto.

In the following picture you see bread, pate, Branson's Pickle, the lobster mixture, the salami, veggies and some very expensive cheese.  Patricia forgot to throw in some hard-boiled eggs and the salmon.  You know, the salmon that only had one side because it was cut so thin.

It was a very nice dinner.  Just the perfect thing to eat on a hot summer's evening.  I am full but in a good way.

Thanks, Patricia.  It was a wonderful dinner.

See you tomorrow.


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