Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post 2371 - Wednesday

Hi. Welcome to Wednesday.

I keep expecting to go to Toastmasters on Wednesday nights.  When I go home early I feel that I am cheating or missing out on something.

In two days the long weekend will be here.  I will probably go to the cottage, for the first time this year.  Even though the lawn needs to be cut, it will probably be too wet to perform that task.  We will just end up sitting around the living room watching stuff on the media player or reading our kindles.  

The cats will laze about as well.  Newbie will rest atop a scratching post that has a flat surface.  I have take many pictures of him up there.  He can spend hours there.  Cindy will be in the second bedroom down the hall.  She has pretty much commandeered it as her own.  We know better to go in there when she is sleeping.

We don't have cable or satellite or an internet connection at the cottage.  Not necessary.  In years past, we would pack a gym bag full of dvd's and just leave them down there for the year, taking them back home when we shut the place down.  But a few months ago I bought a couple media players that are perfectly content to play whatever content I have copied to a couple thumb drives.  We can just transport those thumb drives back and forth in a small camera bag the size of your open hand.  The media player is connected to the tv down there via rca jacks.

We have a barbecue down there.  A ceiling fan.  Except for the knuckle dragger (and his ilk) who owns the ATV, we have good neighbours, which is to say that they leave us alone, and we return the favour.

A three week vacation for both of us starts in just a few weeks.  We are looking forward to that.  In the meantime, however, the Canada Day long weekend will be a dress rehearsal for that special time.

What are your plans for the upcoming long weekend?

See you tomorrow.


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