Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post 2372 - One Day To Go!

It is Thursday night.  Just past 9:30.  This time tomorrow I will be in long weekend mode.

Patricia is taking Friday off; she had to work 2 weeks ago on her normal earned day off, so she is making up for that tomorrow.  An extra day at the cottage.

As things stand, I will likely not go to the cottage this weekend.  We both have another day off in a week's time.  Rather than go up this weekend and get rained on for 3 days, we thought it might be better for me to go to Port Williams this weekend instead.  Fine by me.

So, after work tomorrow, I will find a way to trick Newbie into his carrier.  I am afraid to let him see this blog post for fear that he will hide from me and I'll never be able to find him.  Instead, I will take a measured approach and try to distract him when I get home on Friday.

Cindy is having a grand old time pissing all over my house.  We have been ripping our hair out.  We have been trying spray after spray to try to dissuade her from peeing everywhere.  We clean all litter boxes on a regular basis, but she still does what she wants, where she wants.  She used to go downstairs to my home office and pee on a carpet remnant I keep under one of my office chairs while she curled up and slept in that chair.  Patricia could not smell it.  I could.  When I discovered the problem, I was sitting in that very chair, and therefore was directly over the pee stain, which had seeped into the bottom of the carpet remnant and onto the floor.  I threw the carpet out, cleaned the area, put a fresh piece of remnant there, and banished Cindy from my home office and even the entire downstairs area.  She can still access the main level and the upstairs.  Maybe we should keep her in the bathroom all day, with fresh water and food, of course.  It's a very severe reaction, but the only one that's more severe is one we do not wish to contemplate.

What are your fave methods for combating this problem?  How do you keep cats from peeing everywhere, and anywhere?

That's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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