Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post 2374 - Saturday

Greetings from my mother's. I arrived here around 9:30 this morning.

The weather had been poor here as well. Many Canada Day activities have been postponed if not canceled. This includes the time I spent today in Kingsport for its gala days. No parade. No fireworks. Precious few yardsales.

I drove around for a while afterward, eventually ending up in Baxter's Harbour, where my mother did most of her growing up, and where my parents met more than 60 years ago. Her parents are buried there in the community's only cemetary. Less stuff goes on there than in Kingsport, not that that's saying much.

I returned to the house and killed some time until I visited my mother. She was very surprised to see me. After she got over her shock, we went out to New Minas, where we got a few things. I bought her a banana split at the DQ in town, picked up some fresh haddock for Sunday's lunch, and dropped her off at her new home.

Mom will be coming over here on Sunday for lunch. We will share some of that haddock. It'll be maybe the 4th time she's been to the house since she moved out. It's still her house. It'll always be her house.

I still haven't watched "Movie 43". I will let you know when I've seen it and what I thought of it.

It's past 1 ayem. Guess I'll turn in. Busy day on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.

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