Monday, July 1, 2013

Post 2375 - Canada Day!

Hey, folks.

Sorry I didn't write on Sunday.  I ended up turning in very early and sleeping for more than 12 hours.  Guess I overdid it.

I was up until really late Saturday night/Sunday morning.  On Sunday I ended up having Mom over to her house for lunch, which I prepared.  She commented on how I was keeping the house; I responded that I am not there on a full-time basis and can only do what I can do.   That didn't assuage her feelings very much.

After lunch, we drove around for a while.  I returned her to her assisted living facility and drove back into New Minas.  I was out to buy gift cards for some folks at the movie theatres there, and did, but also decided to stick around and watch a movie.  It was "This is the End", starring Seth Rogan and James Franco and just about every other young Hollywood actor who was available during the shoot.  The reviews were very good, but I didn't get it.  It was supposed to be a very funny, knowing comedy, but it wasn't that amusing.  It was about the end of days and how these actors, playing fictionalized versions of themselves, would react to this apocalypse.  I wish I had seen "The Heat" instead.

By the time I got back to my mother's, the lawn had dried enough for me to mow it, so I did.  Once again, I slowly drove the lawn tractor in the area where our garden had once been, long ago, and once again, I drove over some huge rocks, one of which nearly destroyed it.  There is some kind of cut off mechanism which caused the lawn tractor to stop suddenly when it encounters something that it can't cut, so it did.  I was able to re-start it by raising the cutting blade and putting it in reverse, which eventually caused the rock to come loose.  I was then able to resume cutting, although I'd swear that the lawn tractor was making more noise afterward than it was before the mishap.

I went back into the house.  I decided I was going to lie down for a few minutes.  And that was the last thing I remembered for many hours.  Newbie kept nuzzling me to feed him something, so I did, a couple of times, and then kept toddling back to bed.   More than 12 hours after I went to bed, I got up, got something to eat and puttered around the house for a few hours.

I spent some time trying to figure out where I was gonna place a piece of peg board in a frame that I got from the Bargain Shop! before it closed last month.  There is no room for it in the garage.  I think I can put it up in the corner of Dad's old workshop, across the room from where the existing piece is.  When I am up there again, I will make my final decision and install the thing.  After all, I have a lifetime's supply of those hooks from the Bargain Shop!, far more than I have peg board for.  I could cover every square inch of the interior of the garage as well as the work shop with peg board and still not be able to use all of those hooks I bought.  What can I say?  They were 10 cents apiece until the last couple of days they were opened, at which time they became 5 cents each.  A bargain.  From the Bargain Shop!!

(Please note that the name of the store ended in an exclamation mark, so the second exclamation mark at the end of the previous sentence simply indicates my excitement, and is in no way redundant.)

I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to wrangle Newbie this afternoon.  He kept moving from location to location in an effort to evade my attempts to stuff him into his carrier.  Someday, he will find a way to develop an opposable thumb and hire someone to teach him how to use firearms.  At that time, I will be unable to get him into his carrier, and my life will be in danger.

I got back here late in the afternoon.  I have done not much this evening other than finally watch "Movie 43".  The best I can say about it is that it was not quite the train wreck I was expecting.  One or two of the vignettes were amusing.  The one about the homeschooled kid whose parents want him to experience all of the stuff associated with high school was in extremely bad taste, but I liked it.   I laughed out loud at the segment about the guy who kidnaps a leprechaun (played by Gerard Butler!) and tries to get him to reveal where the pot of gold was.  Even the one featuring Halle Barry playing Truth or Dare with a blind date, where they keeping oneupping each other, made me chuckle.  But when you think of the all-start cast, and the people who directed and wrote the thing, it should have been a masterpiece, instead of a piece of crap that was barely released to theatres in January and which is already on home video.

It's now past 9:30.  I am going to take my monthly shower and prepare myself for work in the morning.   So, if you'll excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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