Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Post 2376 - Wednesday

It is past 10 o'clock.  I will turn in shortly.

Been a busy day.

After work, we took Cindy to the vet's to find out what's the matter with her.  She has been eating poorly for some time now.  What she does eat, she throws up and craps out.  Turns out she is down to six pounds and three ounces, which is almost nothing.  Feather-light.

We love the new vet, Brenda Harrison at the Carnegy Animal Hospital in Clayton Park.  She was gentle with Cindy as well as with Cindy.  She thinks that Cindy's system is all topsy turvy because of how often we have changed her diet in recent months.  She prescribed some stuff for Cindy's tummy upset, and we gave her some of it this evening.  Patricia also bought yet another type of cat food, this one whose main protein is seafood, which is loved by both Cindy and Newbie.  We are all hoping that the medicine plus the new food will help Cindy recover her health and help her put some weight on.

Let's see here.  Dent Wizard needs to keep my car for another day, so I won't have it until sometime Thursday afternoon.  Another day without wheels.  I hate not having wheels.  I feel like less of a Bevboy.

When we got home this evening I retrieved some of the beef I'd bought in May, from the downstairs freezer.  We have 3 freezers in the house.  Two people.  Two cats.  Three freezers.  Plus the freezer at my mother's that has stuff in it as well.  Plus her fridge freezer.  Plus the fridge freezer at the cottage.  Plus we will likely turn on the chest freezer at the cottage this summer.  Did I mention that it is just the two of us, plus 2 cats?  What is wrong with this picture?  The entire Osmond clan doesn't use as much freezer space as we do.    Dental floss, sure.  But not freezer space.  No, there are no dead people in any of the freezers.  I would know.  Probably.  Maybe.  I guess.

You guys have a good evening.  See you tomorrow, unless I sleep the night away again.


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