Sunday, July 7, 2013

Post 2379 - Wring Me Out

I know I should not complain about the heat and the humidity out there.  The fact that it is past 9pm and the humidex is still pointing to 30 degrees C is not exactly a harbinger of a pleasant  night's sleep.  My man boobs are sweaty; you would never know I had a shower a scant 9 hours ago.

We made an effort to stay cool today by going to another movie.  We saw "Now You See Me", about magicians who steal and... I have no idea what the hell it was about.   There were twists and turns and misdirections and characters who were not what they appeared to be, even though there was no hint the characters would do what they did until they did it.

I feel sorry for the cats.  They are fagged out, lying around the house in a stupor.  Newbie just looked up at me as if to say, "Daddy, please throw me in the bathtub to cool me off.", even though if I did that, he would scratch me to shreds.  I think Patricia just threw a bit of food in their bowls downstairs, as he just jumped off the bed.

I just talked to my mother.  The police haven't swooped in yet to remove the fan I delivered to her yesterday.  She is grateful for that, but the handyman guy will be in there tomorrow to fix her bathroom door.  She is afraid that he will notice the offending fan and launch an official investigation into how it got there and who delivered it.  I guess I should lawyer up.  Will someone be my official alibi?

We had a cold dinner of a turkey sandwich and pasta salad.  Too late, Patricia reminded me that pasta salad had wheat in it.  She wants me to stop eating wheat because it is apparently more lethal than nicotine and oxycodone  and Popeye candy sticks put together.  Never mind the fact that I bought 18 boxes of Cream of Wheat before The Bargain! Shop closed recently.  (It was on sale and I loves me a bargain.  Don't judge me.)  I can't bring myself to throw it out or give it away.  I don't even like C of W that much.  It was too good a deal to pass up.

I guess I will cut down on my wheat intake after I have gone through all that product.  After that, assuming that the gluten hasn't put me out of my misery, I can walk away from wheat with a good conscience.  I don't eat bread that much.  I'd miss pasta, but not that much.  Yeah.  I can do that.

Hmm.  I think I know what I will give people for Christmas this year.  One of those universal remotes I bought at The Bargain! Shop for 70 cents just before it closed, and at least one box of Cream of Wheat.    Works for me.

Time to go into the bathroom and wring out my shirt and then my epidermis.  Might take a while.

See you tomorrow.


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