Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post 2382 - Wednesday

Hi.  How was your day?  That's good.  Glad to hear it.

Let's see here.  Just like in Groundhog Day, I went to work again.  I didn't eat out today, though, because I had left over burger and fries from Brewdebaker's last night.  It meant I didn't have to risk my life dashing across Young Street to get to the Superstore.   Would it kill the damned city to  put more than one cross walk along that busy section of the street?  Do they really expect us to walk a full block down the street to the cross walk, press the walk button, and hope that the 4 lanes of traffic will stop in sequence?  Apparently so.

After work this evening, and after we got home, Patricia made an excellent stir fry, using chicken as the meat.  I had two plates worth.  The deal was that I would wash the many dishes afterward, and I mostly kept my promise.  Most of the dishes are done, but there are always a few that sneak away from me.  I am starting to think that Cindy and Newbie spirit them away for tea parties with other cats in the neighbourhood.  I have no proof of this hypothesis, but I will not rest until I get to the bottom of this.

Patricia will likely be at the cottage by this time tomorrow night.  I will be going to the Valley this weekend, there to mow the lawn and doubtless take my mother shopping.  She likes that.  So do I.  At my desk at work, I actually have a few sheets of looseleaf with her writing on them.  They are grocery lists that she composed this past Winter, shortly before she moved to the retirement home.  As a friend told me not long ago, I will come to miss those long days of shopping.  He was wrong.  I have already come to miss them.  As weird as it sounds, I would never part with those lists.  They mean something to me.  I guess it's because the shopping trips for groceries didn't really end; they just stopped, and there is a difference.

Anyway, it is getting late.  Newbie is beckoning to me with his dewclaw.  I can't resist.

See you tomorrow.


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