Monday, July 15, 2013

Post 2386 - Monday

Hi.  Four days from now, I can stop wearing pants for 3 and a half weeks.  Woo hoo!

It was crazy hot in Halifax today.  How hot?  Well, today, I saw a police officer chasing a bad guy, and they were both walking.  

(Yes, I stole that joke from Johnny Carson.  I figure since he coerced Paul Anka into selling Carson 50% of a Paul Anka song that became the theme song to the Tonight Show, then I'm entitled to steal from Carson.  Or not.)

My vacation commences in a scant four days.  As I indicated the other night, I plan to put the blog into repeat mode for those 3 weeks, as I will re-post some blog posts that I feel may not have got a good shake the first time around.  I have come up with a list of 24, and I will come up with a few more before paring it down to a final 24.  I suppose I could stop now, since I have 24, but I may think of something later on that wouldn't therefore fit in the list.  Am I over analysing something again?

(And how come Blogger's spell checker doesn't like "analysing"?  I know I am spelling it correctly.  And why doesn't the spell checker like "Blogger" either?  It seems ironic somehow.)

I have spent a delightful couple of hours down here in my home office tonight.  It is cooler down here, but I have been becoming hot under the collar.  I bought a 2TB external hard drive after work today.  I plugged it into my main desktop and attempted to share a main folder on that hard drive with my network.  Everything tells me that it was successful, until I hop over here to my second desktop and try to access the folder in question, on the afore-mentioned external hard drive.  It says it cannot mount the windows share.  It is all linux, folks, not windows.  I don't know why it's giving me this error message.

The drive works perfectly on the host machine.  I am presently copying a bunch of stuff from a portable hard drive to it, and the copying process is proceeding, maybe not at a sprightly clip, but at least at one that won't make me pull out what hair I have left.

Meanwhile, a network hard drive I got over the weekend is readily accessible over the network.  I just had to plug it into my router and into an outlet, and it was picked up just like that.  Every computer in the house can access the files thereon.  I was impressed.  You aren't.  I can tell.  But I was impressed.

I am sure it is something stupid.  I missed some minor-but-important-thing somewhere.  I have had this experience scores of times over the years.  I get to a point where I can't figure out something.  It is late.  I go home or go to bed or whatever it is.  And the next morning I fix the problem in 5 minutes.  Maybe I can use this experience to justify taking long naps at work.  Oh, Kevin?  Sweetie?  Can I run something by you on Tuesday?

Patricia and I were gonna take our vacation together for 3 weeks, starting next week.  She went to the cottage on Friday as well.  She decided to stay an extra day, today.  Then she lets me know this afternoon that she has contacted her work and has received permission to take her vacation this week, and then the 2 weeks after that.  Three weeks from now, she returns to work, while I spend a week at my mother's doing things I will try to put off when I actually get there.   I will return to work on August 12, after Patricia has been back for a full week.  Confused?  Don't worry.  I will produce a PDF spelling out the myriad of changes.

(And the spell checker likes "myriad" just great.  Go figure.)

It is getting late.  By my standards, at least.  I think I will turn in for the evening.   I haven't marinated in my own sweat in a good 24 hours.

See you tomorrow.


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