Friday, July 19, 2013

Post 2390 - Vacation Is Here!

Hey, folks.  I am officially on vacation!

I do not return to work until August 12, three weeks and two full days from now.

As I have been teasing all week, Bevboy's Blog will go on a form of vacation as well.  Starting Saturday, tomorrow, and continuing until August 12th when I return to work, this blog will be re-presenting posts from years gone by.  The blog started in November of 2007.  I will dig way back into the mists of time and provide links to these posts to expose them to present readers who would not know that the posts existed.

You will see posts pointing to older interviews.  Some ones I hope are comedic.  I will post what is probably my most controversial thought-provoking post, and a bunch of surprises.  I hope that you will like what I have to re-present to you.

By all means, feel free to comment on the posts, using twitter or FB or even responding to the posts themselves (either the ones I will do that point to the older posts, or the older posts themselves).  I will sporadically be checking my Facebook and Twitter on vacation.  By no means will I be checking things out on a regular basis, so please play nice.

For those of you who care, I will be spending two weeks at the cottage, starting Sunday.  After that, I will spend my final week of vacation in the Valley at my mother's.  I will have to mow the lawn there and so some other stuff around the house, like figure out how to put up a piece of pegboard all by myself, when I only have two hands to do it with.  If I return to work minus a few fingers, my colleagues will know I was less than successful.

Oh, my kindle?  Which I loved?  Thing bricked on me today.  The screensaver would partially not go away, there was a white rectangle on the screen, and other delights were on there.  I reset it several times, to no avail.  I finally did an online chat with Amazon during my lunch hour.  Because the kindle was just out of warranty, they are sending me a refurbished one at a reduced cost.  I also purchased a second kindle (a third one, if you want to look at it that way) for 40 bucks, through someone on kijiji.  It is a kindle keyboard, and it seems much more robust than the other one.  I'm told I can link as many devices as I want to to my kindle account, so having more than one kindle should not be a problem.  In theory.

I wish they made those things so that they could take a little punishment.  I wasn't torturing my kindle, but to make them so flimsy is silly.

Anyway, I have a bunch of post-dated blog posts to write.  Better get to work.

I will be back "live" on August 12.  Have a good few weeks without me, and please enjoy these "reprints".

See you soon.


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