Saturday, July 27, 2013

Post 2398 - Norm Riley

I sure am enjoying my vacation so far.  I am laying back with Patricia and the cats and drinking and eating and not thinking about work at all.  I hope that you get to have some time off this summer as well.

I have written several blog posts about legendary-to-Halifax radio personality Norm Riley.  Riley worked at CJCH AM between 1947 and October 1, 1950 (yes, I have been able to pinpoint just when he left).   He is a symbol for all the jocks in any community who come and go and who are swiftly forgotten by most everybody.  It is almost as if they never existed.

I became fascinated by this man.  Why would an American come here to go on the radio?  How did he get involved in being a manager for recording acts?  Was he the scoundrel that people still think he was?  Is there any audio of the man out there that I could digitize and put up somewhere?

Eventually, two of his grandchildren found me through the blog posts I'd written and gave me some background on him.  His son wrote me as well.  They sent me quite a few pictures of Riley that refuted some crappy things said about him by his contemporaries. There is much more than meets than eye about Norm Riley, and I haven't given up on finding out more about him.

Here is the link to the first real post about Norm.  And here is the most recent one.  In addition, my interviews with Don Tremaine and the late Pat Connolly both discuss Norm Riley.

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