Sunday, July 28, 2013

Post 2399 - Everett True

Man, was it hot today!  I had to unbutton the second button on my golf shirt.  Newbie was ringing out his fur.

Anyway, today's blog post is about Everett True, the early 1900's comic strip that was unique.  It is about a man who assailed the common annoyances of the time and beat up the people who committed them.  There is a timeless quality to many of these strips.

I first heard about the strip some 30 years ago.  Someone had reprinted some of those posts in a small paperback.  And my dear, dear friend  Tony Isabella decided to revive the strip, which ran in the Comics Buyer's Guide for years, before settling to Amazing Heroes and perhaps one other magazine.

I was so inspired by this character that I wrote a few entries of my own.  They were printed in my university newspaper.  I got a bit of press about it, too, because a woman took umbrage at what I had written and lambasted me in the next issue of the paper.  My artist quit as a result, and I think we were done after 2 or maybe 3 editions.  I also wrote an article about the strip for the same newspaper.  Juvenilia.  I hope it is never unearthed.

Anyway, that didn't stop me from running a few of the strips on the blog.  I hope you like them.

See you tomorrow.


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