Saturday, August 31, 2013

Post 2433 - Saturday

Welcome to the Valley. Got here late this morning. We hadn't eaten so we ended up at Lew Murphy's Pub in Coldbrook for brunch.

Here's what I had.


Late. Sleepy time.

See you tomorrow.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Post 2432 - More Halifax Radio Changes

As I predicted here last week, HALFM has gone away.  It is now 899 The Wave, and it plays classic hits of the '70's, '80's, and '90's.  You know.  This format will be virtually identical to KOOL FM's, so I would expect that the people disappointed  to lose KOOL will flock to The Wave. 

Much to my surprise, JC Douglas, who for most of his adult life worked for Q104, is now the Afternoon Drive guy at The Wave.  He had been looking to get out of management for some time, and be "just" an on air jock.   JC is one of the really good ones.  He has always been  kind and patient with me when he had no reason to be.  Of course, I wish him all the best in his new role, and I hope he is happy in it.

So, let's review what has happened in Halifax radio the week of August 26th.

1. KOOL FM went to that great Classic Hits station in the sky.  From its ashes rose "Radio965", which ostensibly plays new music of a mellower nature than what you will hear on Live 105, but mostly has been newer music played on several other stations.  If you're a David Myles fan, or you are David Myles, then you will love Radio965.  (I am not slamming Mr. Myles, by the way).

2. JC Douglas left Q104.

3. Q104 mellows its spoken word content.  Words like "chickenshit", which used to be broadcast, are now bleeped.  And it now plays some of KOOL FM's playlist.  Also, upcoming contests are advertised by saying that they will not be as edgey as previous ones where participants had to wade through shit (excuse me, poop) to locate money, or a son will have to stick a finger in his father's ass (sorry, rectum). 

4. The Bounce and Q104 switch Afternoon Drive hosts.  Jax is now Afternoon Drive at C100; K8, at The Bounce.  BTW, that change mystifies me the most.

5. HAL FM finally, at long last, gives up the ghost, sheds its worn out skin, and takes on a format that should be very pleasing to the folks who missed KOOL FM.  It is called The Wave.  I am noticing different songs that what KOOL played. They are currently playing "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.  I just hope they don't play "The Edge of Seventeen".  Have I mentioned that when that song was a hit, I was seventeen?   Today, I mean.  Have I mentioned it today?  Other than in this paragraph, that is?

6. The Wave's Afternoon Drive guy is none other than... JC Douglas!  I didn't see that coming at all.  Bill Hart was teasing me with a hint or two yesterday, but I was too stunned to get them.  Meanwhile, Wayne Harrett alluded to this hiring as well.   Silly Bevboy didn't put two and two together.

Ah, Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About".  Keep it up, Wave.

7. Lastly, Christina Fitzgerald leaves Live 105 to accept a midday/music director position at Radio965.  She was at Live yesterday.  She is probably at Radio965 today. 

Anyway, those are all the changes I have seen this week, just in Halifax.  A tumultuous week, eh wot?  I'm exhausted.  Glad it's a long weekend.

See you tomorrow from.. The Valley!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post 2431 - More Halifax Radio News

In the last hour, I have heard from two different sources that there will be another radio format change come Friday morning at 8.    My friend Wayne Harrett was one of those sources; the tweeter "@allistercanada" was the other.  Add to that the fact that I heard last week that Hal was ordering a new logo.  MBS is so cheap that it would not do such a thing unless there were some other change to back it up.  As well, Hal FM has been playing more of the classic hits that KOOL FM played until Monday.   And the Saint John version of Hal FM recently changed its format to one of classic hits.  Also, and lastly, the Hal FM website is indicating a change come 8am Friday.

I think it is safe to conclude that Hal FM will become a classic hit radio station come 8 o'clock Friday morning.

Let's see if Wayne and @allisterhalifax and I are correct.

Yawn.  Long day today.  And a longer one tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post 2430 - Book Review for Max Allan Collins' Latest Novel

Hello again, my friends.

I have finally finished the ARC (advanced reading copy) of Max Allan Collins' upcoming novel, "What Doesn't Kill her". 

A bit of background.

I have been a pretty steady reader of MAC's books for about 30 years now.  He mostly writes crime-related novels, but there are interesting characters, series and sub genres that he plays in very adeptly.  He is probably best known for writing "The Road to Perdition", which became a Tom Hanks and Paul Newman film in 2002 (someone took his graphic novel, developed a screenplay based on it, and MAC ironically enough ended up writing the novelization of the film, coming full circle). 

MAC also writes historical crime novels featuring a character named Nate Heller.  He started off as a 1930's private eye whose career reaches such heights that he becomes involved in nearly every significant real-life murder case for the next 40 years.  MAC also has other series characters such as wanna-be-retired professional thief Nolan, novelist-turned detective Mallory, and (my favourite!) the enigmatic hitman known only as Quarry. 

He has also written a few dozen film and tv novelizations.  He has written around 10 CSI novels for example, and novelizations for films such as "Water World", "The Pink Panther", "Maverick", and many others.  Max Allan Collins is a very prolific, and good, writer.

I have so many of his books that I have crammed as many as I possibly could into a shelf in a bookcase, stored 2 deep.  Other books of his are on other shelves.  His Hard Case Crime novels are stored with my nearly complete series of those books as well.  Plus, I have many of his other books on my kindle.  No, I haven't read them all.  And, yes, there are books of his that I do not own because I can't find them anywhere.

MAC has written mostly series characters; so when he steps away from them and writes a stand-alone novel, I am especially interested in reading it.  This is what he has done with "What Doesn't Kill Her".

It is about a young woman whose family is slaughtered in front of her.  Jordan is left alive by the murderer but is savagely assaulted.  She spends the next 10 years in an institution, not saying a word, until something happens that makes her snap out of it and try to go after the fiend that killed her family, and perhaps other families as well.   He is still out there, and he still wants Jordan.

Along the way, Jordan meets up with people in her support group to discuss her case and those of the other members.  She gets to be with an old friend from high school who is now a police detective.  And, gradually, slowly, the murderer is revealed.

I don't want to spoil it for you.  I didn't realize who the bad guy was until one of the main characters runs afoul of him.  That is all good.  MAC's dialogue is sharp and crackling, but I have to pick a nit with the plotting.  There are too many of what I called "Waltons" scenes.  Remember "The Waltons"?  An allegedly poor family living through the Great Depression who were nearly as talented and numerous as the Wayans brothers?  One kid Walton went on to become a tv anchor, while another became a doctor, and so on down the line.  Not a deadbeat among them.  They should meet my extended family.

Anyway, every week on that show, for 10 years, there was at least one scene in which the family was eating supper.  These scenes existed mostly to give the supporting characters something to do and to move that episode's plot along.  They bored the hell out of me.

Ever since, I am maybe overly sensitive to these scenes in every book I read, every tv show and movie I watch.  In "What Doesn't Kill Her", the characters sit around eating pizza and drinking Coke Zero.  They meet in coffee shops and drive to Italian restaurants.   I get that these scenes  provide exposition to the reader and let other characters know what is going on.  I just wish there were another way for writers to convey this information to the reader without having long scenes involving food and beverages.

That's my only real criticism: an overused plot device.  Max Allan Collins has produced a pretty good thriller.  He takes a familiar plot and puts enough twists and turns in it to keep me reading and wanting to know what happens next.   The way the bad guy is caught and the resourceful techniques the protagonist goes through to achieve this goal kept me on the edge of my seat. And let me be the first to hope that Jordan returns in another novel or two.  I found her character fascinating and want to see her again.  She would make a fine series character, as long as she stops hanging out in coffee shops and eating so much pizza and drinking copious quantities of Coke Zero.  I worry about her health.

I give the book 4 stars out of 5.

I know that MAC will read this review, so I will end this by stating that an upcoming Bevboy's Blog interview will be with Ronnie Roberts, long-time radio jock here in Halifax.  He became very good friends with MAC's favourite singer, Bobby Darin.  I will certainly ask him about Mr. Darin and invite MAC to read the published interview.

See you guys tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Post 2429 - Another Radio Post

You must be getting tired of these.  Right?  Look, we'll make a deal.  I will write one more blog post about Halifax radio, and that should do it for a while.  As things stand I plan to write a long-promised book review on Wednesday just to do something different.

I read today's Metro, the skinny newspaper that comes out each weekday.  There was a brief article about the sign on of Radio 965 in today's issue.  As part of the article, I read some potentially ominous upcoming changes to Q104, its sister station.

Apparently some of the harder edged music that was on KOOL will make its way over to Q104.  As well, the article indicated that the really out there content that has been the highlight of the Q in the last several years, will be toned down.  My word, not theirs.  But that was the gist of it.

I freely admit that things like "Poking Poppa", eating toenails, and drinking concoctions of a noxious nature are in poor taste.  But they are very entertaining.  The rant line each morning is sublimely entertaining as well.  I have nearly gone off the road listening to that stuff.  I would hate to see it go away in favour of a Q104-lite.  The Q104 of the early 1990's was not the era I like to think about fondly.  When they had a PD who had also been the PD at C100, that was less than a good thing.  YMMV, of course.

I hope I am not reading too much into this.  But if they can make wholesale changes to one Newcap station, what will stop them from making some to another one?

Anybody reading this wanna give me some of the skinny about the Q?  Can we expect some changes that hard core listeners will not like?  Or will things be on an even keel?  Do let me know.

That's it for tonight.  Getting late.  I have to clean out Newbie's litter box before he decides to use my home office as one.   Cindy's already done that, and the place reeked.


See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Post 2428 - Radio 965: Initial Thoughts.

First of all, a health update.  I saw my doctor this afternoon.  We went over the test results from the blood tests I had a few weeks ago.  My iron and ferritin levels are returning to normal.   My hemoglobin levels went from 127 three months ago up to 144, which is a low normal for a guy.  And my ferritin levels went from a nearly-not-there 10 all the way up to 41.  I guess all that raw red meat, iron supplements and attaching myself to electromagnets is helping.  The only side effect is the baying at the moon.  Can't have it all.

My days of donating blood are behind me.  I nearly ruined my health doing so, and it is not worth it.  Maybe I'll donate plasma, but no more whole blood.  It'd be ironic if I needed a blood transfusion after donating some of my own.

Anyway, let's talk about the new radio station in Halifax.

KOOL FM signed off for good at noon today.  The last song they played under the old format was "Thank You For Being A Friend" by Andrew Gold.  The new station signed on right after.  Newcap, those sneaky little buggers, had bought several domain names in an attempt to thwart the three people in the world who spend their off-work time thinking and writing about Halifax radio and who would investigate errant domain names.  (Me, Wayne Harrett, and the guy who runs the Radio Insights website are those three people.)

The station promised to play stuff like "Of Monsters and Men", "Mumford and Sons", Maroon 5, and lots of other quieter musical artists of the current generation.  My impression so far is that it is an upbeat Lite 92.9.  You will hear Adele, but you hear her on C100, Lite 92.9, formerly on Live 105(!), and maybe even Energy 103. Do you see where I am going with this?

I listened during my lunch hour, and while I was driving to and from my doctor's appointment.  I heard David Myles' "How Did I Ever Think I Loved You?".  Now, don't get me wrong.  I have enjoyed David Myles' music for the better part of 10 years now.  I think it's amazingly neat that his career is finally taking off after all his hard work, and after years and years of being known only within the context of CBC radio.   But I have heard that song on C100, Stan Carew's weekend show on CBC, Energy 103, and now Radio965.   I don't listen to Lite 92.9 enough to know if the tune is on that fine station.  Quite frankly, it should be if it isn't.  At least four stations play that song.  Great for royalties for David Myles and Classified.  Not so great if this new station really wants to present a different musical personality from stations already in this market.

Radio 965 replaced KOOL FM, a station whose music had grown stale for me years ago, but which had a big following among people of a certain age who could not let go of their youth and wanted to be constantly reminded of the music from those halcyon days.  It had a good run, but it was time to let it go and try something else.  The music on the new station should not be bothersome to any of these older people disappointed and bitter to lose KOOL FM.  It is perfectly good music that isn't going to offend anybody.  It's safe.  Whether that rotates your axle, floats your boat, or inflates your balloon, is up to you.  And if that is what they're going for, then they are meeting their goals, even if the objectives may not be the most efficient.

I have promised to give Radio 965 a chance.  I am looking forward to what Domink Diamond and Kate Venas will do with the morning show, which starts Tuesday.  Sweets is the Drive Home guy.  He is late of K-Rock in New Minas, where he did Drive there for the last six months (and swing for 7 months before that), since Mel Sampson went to Miramichi to become PD of 95.9 Sun FM.  And I am also curious to know what their mid day person will do, since she is also the Music Director.  They're trying to keep it a secret for some reason, but she will be Christina Fitzgerald, who is apparently working at Live 105 until Thursday and commences work at  Newcap the very next morning.   I interviewed her last year.  There are other day parts to fill, and I do not know who will fill them.  When I find out, so will you.  I am grateful that this new station plans to staff most day parts rather than what KOOL FM had become, with only Griff and Caroline as the on air jocks.  That is a huge, honkin', impressive step in the right direction.  Gold stars and three huzzahs for Newcap for doing this.

I wish Radio 965 well.  They will have to differentiate themselves from seemingly-similar stations in this market, but it is very early days.  They will have to find their own voice, and I look forward to them clearing their throat so that listeners can find out what it is.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Post 2427 - Sunday

Phew!  Busy day.  Wanna hear about it?

No?  Well, too bad.  According to my business cards, I am a blogger extraordinaire.  Everything I write here is a work of art.  You know, like my hair is, every single morning.

We got up comparatively early.  Not super early.  7:30 or so.  We left the house around 9:15, grabbed some breakfast at the McDonald's in Bayer's Lake, and I nearly got in a fight at the line up with a guy whom I accidentally went ahead of in line.  He said something, wasn't happy with me, and I apologized.  The cashier had called to me rather than him.  Her fault, too.

Anyway, we got to my mother's place around 11:30.  The lawn was shaggy, so I decided to do a cursory mowing thereof.  Patricia started hacking and slashing at the ugly ass hedges in front of the house.  After I'd got back from visiting my mother, they were cut back to the point where if they were men, they'd only be wearing cock socks and a smile.

We left Mom's around 1:45.  After getting an iced coffee at the Just US! off the highway, we proceeded to try to find the Avondale Sky Winery.   Nova Scotia, especially the Valley region, has become a place that has more wineries than one would ever have imagined even 10 years ago.  My friend Lorraine Vassalo and her husband founded the winery several years ago.  They had bought it from another wine guy, and then expanded it.  Turns out that the first 3 years of a winery are all about losing money as you cultivate the grapes and hope to be able to make your first wine.  The start up costs for any winery must be immense; it is not a poor person's hobby.

As usual with me, I couldn't find the place.  We ended up at another winery a short distance away, so we doubled back using the least possibly efficient method of getting there, arriving 20 minutes late for the tour.  Lorraine's lovely sister Linda escorted us to where the rest of the crowd was.

After a couple of hugs from Lorraine, we started tasting wine.  As I mentioned last evening, I am not much of a drinker of anything.  Some light beer from time to time.  Rum and eggnog at Christmas.  But wine and I have never really been on speaking terms.  However, their passion for wine came shining through.  I found myself sipping the samples of wine, and enjoyed several of them to the point where I may join Patricia in a glass of the stuff from time to time (she ended up buying several bottles).  I may have one glass for her every four.  Something like that.  But it's still more than I typically drink.

We enjoyed the tour.  We returned to the city.  We fed the cats.  We watched two more episodes of "da Vinci's Demons" on the Super Channel on demand before I retired to my home office to tap away at this blog post.

It is mere hours before KOOL FM goes away forever.  C100 and The Bounce are switching Afternoon Drive hosts.  HAL FM is designing a new logo, probably pointing to a format change.  Lots of radio changes are afoot.  You can rest assured that my 4.7 readers will know what happens when these changes are wrought.

I'm actually excited to see what happens tomorrow.  It should be very interesting.

Guess I'll turn in.  Been a busy weekend.  Need my beauty sleep in order to keep my hair as gorgeous as possible.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post 2426 - Saturday

Been a long day. 

I got up around 6 and left the house 45 minutes later.  I had breakfast at the Ardmore Tea Room.  I love that place.  I ordered the French Toast.  On Friday, Patricia and I went to the downtown Cora's.  I had French Toast there.  It cost twice as much and was about a tenth as good.  It was virtually inedible.  At the Tea Room, it was excellent.  The service is terrific.  Even the tap water is some of the best I have had.  I can see why it's been in business for several decades.

I drove to work and commenced my overtime day at 8am.  The task confronting me could not be performed during the work week, and not even really on Sunday.  I opted to do it today.  I'm glad I did, because the particular task I had to do took many hours.  It is not that hard to do; it is just beastly time consuming.  There were a couple bumps in the road that I fixed on my own, and that slowed things down a bit.  I was there until 4:30, having worked through lunch and only munching on crackers with cheese and tuna and energy bars throughout the day.

Around 9:30, I got an email from JC Douglas.  I had written him Friday evening to see how he was doing.  I didn't get a chance to write him back until my labours were completed.  Without revealing too much, he is in a good place and is looking forward to new challenges.  He wants to have an on air radio position, and he would be an excellent choice for any station that wants to hire a rollicking radio guy.   I selfishly hope that he is able to remain in Halifax.

I spent sometime this evening on Facebook, looking at the KOOL FM page.  Lots of people were pissed that Griff and Caroline are gone from the station.  I can only imagine their level of disappointment come Monday morning when that format ceases to exist and becomes what I think will be an alternative/modern rock format.  All the middle-aged housewives who like to listen to these classic hits from their youth will probably move over to Lite 92.9, or maybe even C100, if that station embraces that kind of music a bit more. 

I think that Monday the 26th will be a very interesting day in Halifax radio.  I'm kinda looking forward to it.

There's not much else to report.  I got home around 5:15.  Newbie was looking through the screen door as I drove in the drive way.  He had apparently been watching out for me for some time, somehow knowing that this was the weekend and that I should have been  home.  Sorry, bud.

This evening, Patricia and I started watching "da Vinci's Demons", a Showtime show picked up by Super Channel.  It is about the other Leonardo, da Vinci to be exact.  He is a guy who invents stuff and gets hired to be a military engineer so that he can develop weapons for his city.  He also solves crimes and womanizes and generally pisses off as many people as possible.  We love the show and can't wait to watch more episodes as soon as we can.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Some kind of wine tour I got corralled to going to will be in the afternoon.  I don't care for wine.  I don't "get" wine.  I have little interest in checking out wineries.  We will also visit my mother for a little while.  Probably get some veggies in the Valley before returning to Halifax before darkness settles across the land.

I guess that's it for tonight. 

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Post 2425 - Yet More Halifax Radio News

I do write a lot about radio on this blog, don't I?  Getting tired of it yet?  Don't worry.  I will write a good Newbie post here, soon.

Late this morning, it was announced that Jax at The Bounce and K8 at C100 are switching jobs.  Starting Monday, K8 will be doing Afternoon Drive at The Bounce, and Jax will be doing Drive at C100. 

I don't want to over analyze this.  I know and like both women.  I do not know if this means that either station will be modifying its format and it was thought that switching them over would result in a more compatible pairing.  I was listening to C100 on the way home this evening and did hear them say they had expanded the diversity of their playlist. 

I should prepare a score card.  So far, we have:

KOOL FM becoming... something else in the next few days;

HAL FM getting at least a new log, but I stand by my assertion it will change format to something like classic hits;

If KOOL FM becomes what I think it may, alternative/new rock, then Q104 will likely shed most of its newer rock music and become a pure Classic Rock station;

C100 and The Bounce switching Drive staff, which may point to other changes;

Rogers may elect to rebrand Lite 92.9, changing the name without modifying format;

Of course, in addition to all of these changes, stations that aren't going to change formats (plus the ones that are) will launch special contests, give out big cash prizes and/or trips, vehicles, and so on.  MBS will give away two coffee cards from Rudy's rather than one  during this crucial ratings period.  

Phew!  That is a lot of changes wrought, just in time for the beginning of the next ratings period on September 1st.  

From what I can see, these changes all start to happen... Monday the 29th. 

Oh, before I forget, I want to thank former Halifax jock Ron Young for sending me a very nice  note last evening.  It was very kind of him to do that.  It surprises me that only Wayne Harrett and I bother to write Halifax radio news.  Radio is treated as the red-haired step brother of traditional media, and I think it sucks.  I grant you that the conservative nature of many Program Directors means that play lists are narrowly-focused  and repetitive.  But it is still free programming, is much more entertaining than most folks are willing to admit, and one's time is not wasted by listening to it.  So, turn on your radios, folks.  There's lots of good listening out there.

I have to work some OT on Saturday.  Please think of me slaving away tomorrow while you enjoy the lovely weather.  Why not send me some pictures of your summer frolics here

And... more breaking news.  JC Douglas no longer works for Newcap.   This ratings period will be very different.  Best of luck to you, JC!


See you tomorrow.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post 2424 - Lunch With An Angel

Well, today, I had lunch with the lovely Floyd from Live 105.  She says hello.  And, rather than drive to the north end from the downtown like I had to do for years, I was able to walk to the cafe in mere minutes.  I am loving the north end of Halifax, folks!

(Yes, I know.  A guy named Beverly had lunch with a girl named Floyd.  Stranger things have happened.  Get over it.)

We ate at the Humani-T Cafe on Young Street.  I had never been to that one; been to the one downtown a few times.  I will have to take Patricia to the Young Street one soon, or I will never quite hear the end of it.  "You took Floyd to the Humani-T Cafe and you wouldn't take me!"  Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I hadn't seen Floyd in about a year.  She has lost weight.  Her new gluten-free diet is agreeable with her.  If I were single, 20 years younger, were interesting, thinner, drove a nice car and had all my teeth, I might have a chance with her.  At least my hair remains fabulous.

We talked about the latest radio rumours.  I think it is safe to conclude that KOOL FM in Halifax is an endangered species*.  Get your Casey Kasem fix in while you can.  By Monday, you will have to get a satellite radio if you want to hear hoary old chestnuts by Diana Ross and the Supremes, Stevie Nicks, or Elton John.  Which is fine with me.  As I was telling Patricia this evening, when "The Edge of Seventeen" was a hit, I WAS seventeen.  Time to put these old songs to sleep.  Take them out behind the woodshed with your 30-30 Winchester rifle.  Boom!  Dead.

*You know, I have always wondered why people refer to any animal or thing as an endangered species. Why not an endangered Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, or Genus?  But I digress.

Let me see here.  She's hoping that Jeff Cogswell will be feeling well enough to return to work on at least a part-time basis.  He is improving every day.  Great news.  We miss the old guy on the air.  Live's ratings are going through the roof, improving in every demo, to the detriment of some veteran stations in the market.  That's one reason why you'll see some changes in the Halifax radio market in the coming days.

All too soon, my lunch hour was over.  I had to return to work, and Floyd wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend while she was still on vacation.

Floyd, I hope it is not another year before I see you again.  You were a delight to be with, and I hope we can do this again soon.

See you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Post 2423 - More Halifax Radio Speculation


I still can't confirm what morning show team was let go this week, but you can find out by going up and down the dial until you hear folks you don't recognize who don't say that they're filling in for that fabled team.


Meanwhile, Newcap recently registered the following domains:,,,, and  No other stations in the Newcap chain broadcast at 96.5FM.  That should tell you something.


KIXX Country was a fairly popular country format for Newcap for several years in Hali.  It broadcast on the AM dial.  There is but one Country station in this market, to the mystification of an awful lot of people. It would make sense for Newcap to try this format.


Bamboo shoots under my fingernails could not drag this person's identity from me, but I am aware of a new hire at that station.  This person would not lead me to think that Newcap is leaning toward a Country format.  Quite the opposite, actually.


The K-Rock format is pretty much a classic rock format.  There is no way that it would go down that road and compete with Q104, pretty much competing with itself.  We would have another C100/The Bounce situation, where there is a ratings split and neither station gets an ideal rating.


The Ocean format is similar to what you hear on Lite 92.9.  I can't see that happening.


What is "" all about?  I haven't a clue.


Look at the "" domain.  The AMP name is what Newcap uses for its alternative/modern rock format, except in Calgary, where it is a Top 40 type thing.  But that station is for sale, so don't read anything into that.


My speculation is that sometime between now and September 1 when the ratings period commences, classic hits KOOL FM will cease to exist and become an alternative rock station.  Q104 will likely shift away from the Classic Rock/Modern Rock mixture back to a full Classic Rock format.  This will put them toe-to-toe with Hal FM.


The billboards for HAL FM no longer show the familiar Hal logo.  I've heard there will be news about that fine MBS station in the next little while.  I think it may be telling that the equivalent MBS station in Saint John recently changed format to KOOL 98, becoming a classic hits station (their morning guy is the excellent driver and professional scab Troy Michaels, aka Troy Swinamer, who is taking the job of Gary Stackhouse while Mr. Stackhouse is on strike against MBS to get a living wage).  Will the same fate befall HAL FM? After 7 years of gaining little traction in the market, my gut tells me "yes".


I know I go on about this stuff to the weariness of many, but I take an interest in the radio world in the same way others go nuts over discussing sports.  It is a topic of endless fascination to me, and I can't hide it, so why bother trying?  Typically, radio stations whose ratings are in a downward spiral will undergo some kind of format change or a modification in their programming to reflect what the owners think will prove more popular than the stuff they're shedding.  The to'ing and fro'ing of these stations as they adjust and accommodate for the competition is also interesting to me.   To nobody else reading these words, but interesting to me.  And it is my blog.  My 4.7 readers will just have to humor me from time to time.

I'm sorry that the fans of KOOL FM will likely be disappointed in the next several days.  However, it is looking as though something pretty similar will take its place elsewhere on the dial.  Meanwhile, another station will likely change its format to complement its sister station.  And, for all I know, another station or two will make some mods to its format in the next 10 days or so.

We will see if I am correct.  If I am incorrect, I will wear it.  If I am correct, then I will make sure the world knows it.

See you tomorrow.

PS.  My best to Morrissey Dunn at Big Dog FM as he leaves radio and goes on to other challenges.  Loved talking to you back in 2009.  Let's do it again soon!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post 2422 - Tuesday

Hello again, dear readers.  How was your day?

People may be pleased to know that I did a first pass at cleaning out my car this evening.  The detritus that had built up over the last few months was beyond acceptable.  And, no, I still haven't found that damned DVD set I borrowed during the Winter, misplaced, and ended up paying for.  As I said at the time, Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater are watching that DVD somewhere while Amelia Earhart is on the phone ordering Thai.

I heard some news about a couple of layoffs in Halifax radio, which occurred on Monday.  I am not at liberty to say what they are, although I did tweet it earlier today before deleting that stuff as well as the FB status update.  It was big news, though.  You can tune into the Halifax morning shows at the various stations and see who is not there any more.

Bill Hart is the new morning man at Hal FM.  Someone tried to list all of the folks who have worked mornings at Hal since it went on the air 7 years ago.  Just in the past two years, there have been at least 7 morning teams.  The newest guy was hired barely 5 months ago and was fired last week to make room for Bill Hart, back in Halifax after too many years away from this fine city.

Some of you know that I am a proud follower of "Radio Free Saint John" on Facebook.  It's a support page for the folks who are on strike against Maritime Broadcasting Systems in Saint John.  There are good people on strike and there is no end in sight.

Anyway, a new FB friend of mine who was in radio for many years once applied for a job at MBS.  Well, the PD somehow got his hands on the man's demo tape and called him.  The man describes the interview here.  Scroll down in the timeline to the Paul Bealieu piece.

I was flabbergasted.  Gobsmacked.  Dumbstruck.  In my life, I had never heard of a job interview like that one.   I remain amazed that people even apply for jobs at that company, given how they treat people.  That one station in the chain has gone through so many morning people in such a short period of time speaks volumes to their human resource skills.

At any rate, the now-unemployed  Ed Shaw is looking for radio gigs in Halifax.  I suggested he apply for the interim co-host position at Live 105, and perhaps he will.   He came to radio at mid-life, like I would if I were to do the same thing, so it is hard not to respect and like the guy, even if he was stuck working at that station.  He may find other opportunities in local radio if what I heard about that other station is true (and it is).

People have often asked me why I didn't go into radio myself.  It was mostly a self-confidence thing.  But I don't regret my career choice because I have seen supremely talented people get canned around here for capricious, even arbitrary, reasons.  Not just at MBS, but other places, too.  Why would I put myself through that crap, especially since the salaries are not there unless you're working a morning show gig at a union radio station that is at the top of the ratings, like Q104 is?  The morning show folks there probably pull in about 80K a year, maybe a bit more, or a bit less.  That is a handsome salary for Nova Scotia, but I certainly know more than a few people who pull in considerably more than that.  BTW, I am not one of them.

I wish I could tell you the name of the station that has had this change in on air staff.  Just tune in tomorrow morning and you'll soon see for yourself which one it is.

But you didn't hear it from me.  I don't know what you're talking about.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Post 2421 - Monday Radio Rant

It is nearly 11:30 at night.  I should by rights be in bed, but I had a long nap when I got home from work and my sleep pattern has been thrown off kilter.

After work today, we drove through Fairview.  I had heard that Boneheads BBQ had opened a second location there somewhere.  We found it at 3625 Dutch Village Road, right there at the corner next to Mexico Lindo.  We hadn't planned on going in, but we did.  We loved our meal.  There is something about Boneheads that keeps me going back, over and over.  The food is excellent.  The service is better.   And there is always food left over for a meal the next day.  The place beats the hell out of the barbecue joint in Dartmouth Crossing.  That place blows chunks.

Anyway, we got home.  I had to crash for a while.  After I got up, I cleaned up some cat mess in the bathroom, and then proceeded to wash most of the dishes.  I had wondered what had become of the cutlery; one can only wash the plastic ones so many times, so it was a pleasure to unearth all of the regular knives and spoons and forks.  Still can't find the sporks.  Probably because we don't have any.

Before I sat down to write this post, I surfed the web for a while.  I landed on the Facebook page called Halifax Radio Memories.   I love that page.  I scrolled down the page and found a link to a political ad broadcast on CHNS in 1950.  Nice to see the problems that plagued people 63 years ago continue to exist today.  I also listened to (and downloaded) a CBC piece about the terrible layoffs at private radio stations in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Here's the link.  After the layoffs a couple of weeks ago, there may be one person in the newsroom, but there is no guarantee that this person will have any journalistic background.

I have said it before.  I will state it again.  I have no idea why radio news is a four letter word.  Until 1993, radio stations had to produce a certain amount of spoken word content in the run of a week.  There were call-in radio shows at all 3 major AM stations back in the day.  One would follow another on CHNS.  CJCH had the Hotline (or Phone Forum, or whatever the name was) for many years.  CFDR did as well.  Even when the FM stations came online years later, they would have big news hits and talk shows.  The world did not end.  The sun continued to rise every morning, and set at night.  Children did well in school.  And people listened to the radio all the damn time.

The bean counters all assert that they know what is best.  They lobbied the CRTC for years until it finally relented and greatly relaxed the guidelines for local news on the radio.  Five minutes later, two-thirds of the radio news people across the country were fired.  Newsrooms that might have had 8 or 10 people in them might only have 2 or 3.  

In the intervening years, the emphasis on local news has diminished to the point where I don't know why they bother having news at all.  KOOL FM has "news headlines", dispatched with so quickly as if it were a chore to read them in the first place.  They are hardly alone, and I don't mean to pick on them.  When Evanov started the late Z103 in 2006, they had two full-time news folks . Now, they have two radio stations, and zero news people.   A frill they could no longer justify.   Similar things have happened or are happening at other stations in this market and across the country.  Thank goodness for the CBC, which continues to have reporters and news hits throughout the day, and all weekend to boot.  And I hope like hell that News 95.7 continues to exist, because they have a couple of news reporters plus talk shows.  They are also apparently losing money to the point where they are selling off two sister stations in New Brunswick.

I am not sure where I am going with this, other than to state that there are privately-owned radio stations that nonetheless provide local news, and don't seem to mind doing so.  I have hoped for years now that the corporately-owned stations, which all have deep pockets, start to invest in local news and local content again.  But unless they are dragged kicking and screaming in that direction by some regulatory agency such as the CRTC, they won't.

Because they don't have to.

And they can't be bothered.

Very sad.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post 2420 - Sunday

We are back at the house, back in Halifax.  Yay!

We didn't leave the cottage until around 7pm.  We had to drop off a whipper snipper Patricia had borrowed.  From there, we hit the road, landing at Bayer's Lake around 9:15.  We got a snack at the Wendy's there, and finally, at long last, got home.

It was a quick weekend, the one that is swiftly disappearing.  If I had not had to work tomorrow, I'd take a couple more days off.  But reality dictates otherwise.

Before I forget to mention,  you should tune into Q104 for at least part of the morning show Monday morning.  My friend Deb Smith, late of C100, will be trying out for a full time job on the morning show.  I suspect that there are several folks, probably all women, who are vying for the gig.  I have no idea who the other candidates are, and I can't imagine that J.C. Douglas would tell me if I asked him, not that I would.

I guess that's it for tonight.  See you tomorrow.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Post 2419 - Day Two

Second day at the cottage. Relaxing very nicely. Mini vacations are where it's at. Even the cats are taking it easy.

We will reluctantly return to the city tomorrow. Very reluctantly.

Patricia got herself a new apron. What do you think of it?

Peel me a grape, won't you?

See you tomorrow.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to Bevboy's Blog!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Post 2418 - Cottage

We got to the cottage at midnight, just as it was becoming Friday. It now nearly 24 hours later.

As you can see, Newbie is enjoying a scratch from Patricia.

Yawn! See you on Saturday.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to Bevboy's Blog!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post 2417 - Play Nice


The new issue of Frank Magazine is out, and my friend Floyd is on the cover.  Of course, she is the morning co-host at my beloved Live 105.  I interviewed her a couple of years ago, and she was a great delight to meet.  She called me "Buddy" last year when I saw her at the station, and it made me smile.  Maybe she thought I had gas.  I assure you, and her, that it was a smile. 

Frank spends a couple of pages discussing her private life.  This morning, on the air, Floyd addressed the story for what she says will be the only time.  She allowed that some of what Frank reported is correct, but quite a bit was wrong.  I have no way of knowing which is which, and it's none of my damned business anyway, so it's not like I will try to find out on my own.

Floyd has admitted to making some mistakes.  She is human, as we all are.  We all succumb to the faults and foibles and weaknesses that befall mere humans.  That she has admitted to these errors, and is seeking help for them, says a lot to me about her character, and I respect her all the more for it.  I don't judge.  First stone, and all that.

Frank Magazine has a place.  It  reports things that need to be reported and states things that need to be stated.   But they do dig into people's private lives when nothing positive can be gained by doing so.  An example would be what they say about Floyd in the current issue.  There are an awful lot of other examples.

Do you remember Roger Ebert, the recently-deceased film critic?  Of course you do.  He was an inveterate writer after he lost his ability to speak, writing about everything and nothing, producing a prodigious amount of output of such scope, breadth and quality that nobody could ever hope to wade through it all.  One day he wrote about how lucky he had been in his being able to interview so many movie stars during his long career.  He noted that they were comfortable with him because he only wanted to discuss the work.  As Ebert put it, he had no interest in talking about where people "stored their genitals at night".  It's hard to get that phrase out of my head.  I hope it's hard to get out of yours, going forward.  You're welcome.

If I have had any success with the radio interviews I have done, it is largely because I do not want to talk about the salacious aspects of the radio business.  I have worked in office environments in which a man left his wife for another man, where an employee stole computer equipment and sold it, where an employee discovered a flaw in a process that resulted in her having funds deposited directly into her bank account rather than where they were supposed to go.  I have seen and heard enough of that stuff that I don't need to hear any more of it from my radio friends.  They seem to respect that, and trust me as a result.  At least, I hope they do.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this.  I suppose it is just that there are things that people do not need to know.  They may want to know, but they don't need to know.  That a friend of mine was embarrassed and had her privacy violated is disappointing to me.  It weakens us when we give into common gossip and innuendo, when we think we know everything about a subject based upon a 3 minute television report, or read a one-sided report citing unnamed sources, people who don't have the stones to step forward and reveal their identity to the world.  I think we can all be better than that.  I hope you agree.

Floyd, as always, my very best to you.  Let's do lunch soon.  K?

See you guys tomorrow, from the cottage!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Post 2416 - Psst! Bevboy's Back

Hey, everyone.

I am back from my 3 weeks of vacation.  This is the first live post since then, and the first one I've written since my vacation started.  I produced 25 blog posts that day, and boy were my arms tired.

Vacation was fine.  I spent the first 10 days at the cottage with Patricia.  Then, Cindy Clawford got pretty sick, so we took a day trip to the city to the vet, where she got some shots.  It has been a hard row to hoe the last little while.  We thought we might lose our little princess for a while, but she is eating again, and throwing up less and less.

So, that was 2 weeks ago today that we did that day trip to the city.  We had to come back yet again 2 days later for a follow up appointment and we have't been back to the cottage since.  On Friday the... uh, 2nd, we hung around the city for the day.  The highlight for us was "The Wolverine".  I feel I should have let Patricia watch that movie all by herself so that she could be alone with Mr. Hugh Jackman, but she finally stopped hooting and hollering at the screen for him to keep his shirt off.   We liked the film a lot.  I hope you see it.

The following day, Saturday, I began my week-long visit in the Valley.  I stayed in the family home until this past Sunday, the 11th.  During the week, when I wasn't sleeping, I was spending quite a bit of time with my mother.  I took her several grocery bags full of magazines for her to read.  She is becoming a voracious reader, and it is a delight to see this.  She is learning stuff all the time.  Just a few days ago, she quizzed me about fair trade coffee.  A university town like Wolfville actually has 2 fair trade coffee houses.  She wants to check one out sometime.  I'll be happy to oblige.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but Mom read the entire Ami McKay book "The Birth House", in a scant 4 days.  She would get up early, stay up late, skip a concert or two, just so she could stay in her room and read a little while longer.  (She also polished off her first John Grisham novel recently.)   We went for a drive to Scott's Bay during the week in an effort to find Ami McKay's house.  As it turns out, we drove past it a couple of times.  Even if we did find it, what would we do?  It's not like we could walk up to the door and say hi, cuz it might be creepy.  She might have armed guards to protect her privacy or something.

It occurs to me that you might like to know a bit more about Ami McKay.  She is an acclaimed Canadian novelist.  Those of you reading this who aren't American would likely never have heard of her, but I hope that changes.  Here: Check out her website.

The week in the Valley went by far too quickly.  I watched my mother play bingo.  We went for a jaunt around the nursing home parking lot as part of a "Walkers and Wheelers" exercise program.  We played Lexicon with a bunch of other clients.  I took her out for a couple of day trips and bought her a couple ice cream cones.

It was a pleasure to see my mother be intellectually stimulated, and getting some physical exercise as well.  She reads so much and is so busy doing the other things I mentioned plus things I haven't, that she doesn't always have time to watch "her stories".  She has watched "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "General Hospital" for many years.  She was a devotee of "Another World" for an awfully long time as well.  Members of the cast of the show often visited Nova Scotia when they were on vacation.  At any rate, Mom is now too busy to watch these shows on a regular basis.  Like that's a problem.

Also last week, I listened to the satellite radio I bought a few months ago.  I like it, but it doesn't feel like real radio to me.  The breadth of music on caters to every possible musical interest.  There are quite a few talk channels.  The comedy channels are disappointing.   The all sex channel is actually quite dull.  Many of the channels, particularly the talk ones, repeat material relentlessly, so they don't exactly reward people who like to listen to a kind of music of talk for protracted periods of time.

But it is a gas to be able to switch between the "Liquid Metal" channel to the "40's on 4" with the press of a button.  Or to listen to Willie Nelson's channel after checking out some old-fashioned Opera.  You understand.

All too soon, my stay at the house came to a close.  I left for the city, knowing that I had done some work there that I had long put off.  The computer desk now has a printer stand next to it, on which I store my printer, a computer tower, a scanner, and some paper.  Some old electronics have been recycled.  I swept.  I cleaned out the fridge.  I ate some good beef and haddock.  Spent time with Newbie.  Spent 30 minutes getting him into his carrier.  He didn't talk to me all the way back to Halifax.

My vacation was over.  I returned to work on the 12th.  I have been back to work for 3 days.  And I am wondering where all the time went.

Man, how many more years before I can get 6 weeks of vacation?  And, how many years before I can retire, anyway?

You guys have a great evening.  See you... tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post 2415 - Last But Not Least

This is the last entry in the Vacation2013 series.  I have had fun writing these posts over the last few weeks.  I hope you have enjoyed reading, or re-reading, these older posts.

I thought I'd end this series by re-presenting a post from May 2010.  My father died that month, and I was asked to write and present his eulogy.   Drawing on every bit of strength I had, and my then-18 years in Toastmasters, I crafted this eulogy and presented it at his funeral.  I hope I did the old man proud.  Apparently, for several months after the funeral, people were coming up to my sister on the street and saying what a good job her brother had done at my father's funeral.

Yes, I think of him every day.  I probably always will.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Post 2414 - Conversations

People who know me, and have read the blog for a while, know that my knowledge of sports is... well, I don't have any knowledge of sports.   I am not exactly proud of this fact, but not ashamed of it either. I am vast in my inconsistencies.

I also don't know much about cars.

At work, the boys talk about both of those topics all the time.  It occurred to me a few years ago that a fella could fake his way through such conversations by uttering things of a generic nature that could be interpreted in ways that would seem to support the prevailing argument.  Thus were born this post, and this post.  Check 'em out.

And, yes, these tips work.

See you tomorrow.  I need to recover from my first day back to work.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Post 2413 - History Stuff

My boss Kevin loves to use the word "stuff".  He uses it as a suffix to things like "work stuff" or "history stuff".  I guess you could call it a stuffix.  I own the copyright on that word, by the way.  You have to pay me a nickel every time you use it.

We both enjoy Halifax history.  The radio-related interviews are a great opportunity for me to explore that, but there have been other posts that discussed Halifax history at length.  I still wonder why Africville got all the notice, while lots of folks got booted out to accommodate the construction of Scotia Square and the Cogswell Exchange.  You can't tell me that the place was a complete slum.

At any rate, I asked back here for interesting anecdotes about Halifax history.  It was around the time I finally found the Ada McCallum documentary that had aired in 1998.  Absolutely nobody responded, so I repeat it here in the hope of getting some people to write in.  I think it would be an interesting discussion.

Man, I return to work tomorrow.  I need a beer to fortify myself.

See you... tomorrow.  Sob!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Post 2412 - Life

The "Year in Review" series begat the "Life In Review" series, which only ran for a few posts.

This series was about aspects of my life and was less about something that happened in any particular year.  I used lots of pictures and provided quite a bit of commentary.  Perhaps I should revive that series.

Here is the first entry in that series.  I think it warrants another look.  If nothing else, you can see what my dad's grandparents looked like.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Post 2411 - Dumb Things

Another series I began a few years ago and sort of abandoned was the Dumb Things I've Done In My Life series.  Once again, this is mostly because I couldn't think of enough dumb things I've done that would warrant a full blog post.  Perhaps you will disagree with me.

This was the first of that series, and I still think it is the funniest.  But don't take my word for  it.  Check it out for yourself and see if you agree.

It was funny, but unlike other posts in this vacation series, I could not bring myself to read it, because I still wince when I think of that day.  But it was funny.

See you tomorrow.

PS.  This is the last day of my summer vacation.  After the weekend, it's back to work!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post 2410 - Aaagghhh!

This is a much more recent post.  In October of 2012, I got tickets to see a movie called "Sinister".  I did not care for that movie very much; every alleged scare is telegraphed long before it happened, with the exception of one, which came out of nowhere and made no sense whatsoever.  I am glad the film didn't cost me any money, just a couple hours out of my life.

There was one fun aspect of the film, though.  The official website let you upload a picture of your own choice and replace the scary face in the official movie poster.  I leapt at the opportunity.

Hey, you'll never guess what picture I used.  Why not go there and check it out for yourself?

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Post 2409 - Another Year In Review

Hello again.  It is Wednesday, August 7th.  I return to work in a few scant days.  And I am wondering where the time has gone.

As I mentioned last week, the "Year In Review" series elicited a great deal of feedback for me, mostly on my Facebook.  I thought I would re-present the one for 1983.  It was an important year to me, and I had some observations about my summer job at Burger King that I feel have some merit.  I still stand by  those comments.

I'm curious to know what you think, not just about this post, but about all of them.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post 2408 - Going Way Back

Welcome to August 6th.  My vacation is dwindling.  Sob!

I thought I would dip back to post #100 in this here blog.  These posts are from January 2008.  I ran some pictures and discussed their contents in a way I still find interesting.  I guess the older posts don't suck as much as I thought they did.

Post #100 ran in two parts, which threw off the blog numbering for a while.  I think I eventually skipped a couple of numbers to get back on track.   Why do I still number these posts, anyway?  It seems so anachronistic.

I hope you like these much older posts.  I still do.  Which surprises me.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Post 2407 - Five Months Too Early

2012 marked the 5th year I did the  Christmas tie thing.

I threw out most my ties years ago.  I work in an office where staff don't have to wear ties, although some senior managers do.  I got in the habit of wearing a different Christmas tie every work day leading up to Christmas in the month of December.

Over the years it has evolved.  I began to plan and scheme ways to get my picture taken in as many unusual places in Halifax as possible.  I even approached my friend Dawn Sloane, unfortunately-former councillor for the downtown of Halifax, for suggestions.  She suggested I get my picture taken on the top of city hall, where people don't normally get to go.

This was done.  And by the following year, not even a city councillor could arrange to go up on the top of city hall.  I was lucky.

There are many pictures of me wearing Christmas ties, taken in different parts of the city.  I have already started thinking about where to get pics taken this year.  In a month or so, people will start asking me if I will do the Christmas tie picture thing again.

This one is from a few years ago.  Most of you have likely not seen it.  But I like it a lot.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Post 2406 - Reality

Hi.  Welcome to the last week of my summer vacation.  Where did the first two weeks go, anyway?

I think that the most read blog posts over the last nearly 6 years were the "year in review" ones.  Some were more popular than others.  They were not favoured with a lot of comments here, but on my Facebook I had lots of feedback, both as comments and as private messages.

This is the one that got the ball rolling.  Remember that I was very young and had not been exposed very much to the unpleasant things in life.  Bottom line: Bullying hurts, and this stuff can and does stay with you for life.

If you want to read about other years of my life, click on the "year in review" series label.  There's some decent reading there.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Post 2405 - The Metaphor

I have been dreading writing this blog post, as it reveals a weakness in my character.

I have always disliked metaphors.  They are an over used narrative device.  Similes are much more to my liking; I wish people would dial down on the metaphors and embrace similes.  It would make the world a better place.

I don't want to ruin this for you.  It came about as a result of an honest misunderstanding.  I still get teased about it at work from time to time.   Perhaps now you will understand why.

Or not.

How about not?

See you tomorrow.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Post 2404 - Funny? I Hope So!

My vacation is about half over by now.  I do not miss work yet.  I sleep a lot every day. Then, I get up, have a pee, and go back to bed.  Ah!  The life!

This post is a fictionalized account of a trip to the dentist from 2012.  I had quite a bit of work done to put a crown on a molar.  I have a strong gag reflex (no jokes, please!) and had to be administered a drug to calm me down.  I still fought the dentist.

Anyway, afterward, my mouth was frozen.  It was hard to talk.  And it inspired this blog post.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Post 2403 - Gary Tredwell Interview

Another interview for you to check out.  It is with my friend Gary Tredwell.  He, of course, was Greasy Gary at Q104.  GG was a very popular feature on the Q for years, but he had to discontinue the character when he got the job as PD at Live 105 and Energy 103.

Gary was very kind in trying to teach me to speak as his well known character.  It remains by far my most popular youtube video.  

Here.  Check it out.

See you tomorrow.