Monday, August 5, 2013

Post 2407 - Five Months Too Early

2012 marked the 5th year I did the  Christmas tie thing.

I threw out most my ties years ago.  I work in an office where staff don't have to wear ties, although some senior managers do.  I got in the habit of wearing a different Christmas tie every work day leading up to Christmas in the month of December.

Over the years it has evolved.  I began to plan and scheme ways to get my picture taken in as many unusual places in Halifax as possible.  I even approached my friend Dawn Sloane, unfortunately-former councillor for the downtown of Halifax, for suggestions.  She suggested I get my picture taken on the top of city hall, where people don't normally get to go.

This was done.  And by the following year, not even a city councillor could arrange to go up on the top of city hall.  I was lucky.

There are many pictures of me wearing Christmas ties, taken in different parts of the city.  I have already started thinking about where to get pics taken this year.  In a month or so, people will start asking me if I will do the Christmas tie picture thing again.

This one is from a few years ago.  Most of you have likely not seen it.  But I like it a lot.

See you tomorrow.


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