Sunday, August 11, 2013

Post 2413 - History Stuff

My boss Kevin loves to use the word "stuff".  He uses it as a suffix to things like "work stuff" or "history stuff".  I guess you could call it a stuffix.  I own the copyright on that word, by the way.  You have to pay me a nickel every time you use it.

We both enjoy Halifax history.  The radio-related interviews are a great opportunity for me to explore that, but there have been other posts that discussed Halifax history at length.  I still wonder why Africville got all the notice, while lots of folks got booted out to accommodate the construction of Scotia Square and the Cogswell Exchange.  You can't tell me that the place was a complete slum.

At any rate, I asked back here for interesting anecdotes about Halifax history.  It was around the time I finally found the Ada McCallum documentary that had aired in 1998.  Absolutely nobody responded, so I repeat it here in the hope of getting some people to write in.  I think it would be an interesting discussion.

Man, I return to work tomorrow.  I need a beer to fortify myself.

See you... tomorrow.  Sob!


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