Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post 2420 - Sunday

We are back at the house, back in Halifax.  Yay!

We didn't leave the cottage until around 7pm.  We had to drop off a whipper snipper Patricia had borrowed.  From there, we hit the road, landing at Bayer's Lake around 9:15.  We got a snack at the Wendy's there, and finally, at long last, got home.

It was a quick weekend, the one that is swiftly disappearing.  If I had not had to work tomorrow, I'd take a couple more days off.  But reality dictates otherwise.

Before I forget to mention,  you should tune into Q104 for at least part of the morning show Monday morning.  My friend Deb Smith, late of C100, will be trying out for a full time job on the morning show.  I suspect that there are several folks, probably all women, who are vying for the gig.  I have no idea who the other candidates are, and I can't imagine that J.C. Douglas would tell me if I asked him, not that I would.

I guess that's it for tonight.  See you tomorrow.


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