Friday, August 23, 2013

Post 2425 - Yet More Halifax Radio News

I do write a lot about radio on this blog, don't I?  Getting tired of it yet?  Don't worry.  I will write a good Newbie post here, soon.

Late this morning, it was announced that Jax at The Bounce and K8 at C100 are switching jobs.  Starting Monday, K8 will be doing Afternoon Drive at The Bounce, and Jax will be doing Drive at C100. 

I don't want to over analyze this.  I know and like both women.  I do not know if this means that either station will be modifying its format and it was thought that switching them over would result in a more compatible pairing.  I was listening to C100 on the way home this evening and did hear them say they had expanded the diversity of their playlist. 

I should prepare a score card.  So far, we have:

KOOL FM becoming... something else in the next few days;

HAL FM getting at least a new log, but I stand by my assertion it will change format to something like classic hits;

If KOOL FM becomes what I think it may, alternative/new rock, then Q104 will likely shed most of its newer rock music and become a pure Classic Rock station;

C100 and The Bounce switching Drive staff, which may point to other changes;

Rogers may elect to rebrand Lite 92.9, changing the name without modifying format;

Of course, in addition to all of these changes, stations that aren't going to change formats (plus the ones that are) will launch special contests, give out big cash prizes and/or trips, vehicles, and so on.  MBS will give away two coffee cards from Rudy's rather than one  during this crucial ratings period.  

Phew!  That is a lot of changes wrought, just in time for the beginning of the next ratings period on September 1st.  

From what I can see, these changes all start to happen... Monday the 29th. 

Oh, before I forget, I want to thank former Halifax jock Ron Young for sending me a very nice  note last evening.  It was very kind of him to do that.  It surprises me that only Wayne Harrett and I bother to write Halifax radio news.  Radio is treated as the red-haired step brother of traditional media, and I think it sucks.  I grant you that the conservative nature of many Program Directors means that play lists are narrowly-focused  and repetitive.  But it is still free programming, is much more entertaining than most folks are willing to admit, and one's time is not wasted by listening to it.  So, turn on your radios, folks.  There's lots of good listening out there.

I have to work some OT on Saturday.  Please think of me slaving away tomorrow while you enjoy the lovely weather.  Why not send me some pictures of your summer frolics here

And... more breaking news.  JC Douglas no longer works for Newcap.   This ratings period will be very different.  Best of luck to you, JC!


See you tomorrow.


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