Sunday, August 25, 2013

Post 2427 - Sunday

Phew!  Busy day.  Wanna hear about it?

No?  Well, too bad.  According to my business cards, I am a blogger extraordinaire.  Everything I write here is a work of art.  You know, like my hair is, every single morning.

We got up comparatively early.  Not super early.  7:30 or so.  We left the house around 9:15, grabbed some breakfast at the McDonald's in Bayer's Lake, and I nearly got in a fight at the line up with a guy whom I accidentally went ahead of in line.  He said something, wasn't happy with me, and I apologized.  The cashier had called to me rather than him.  Her fault, too.

Anyway, we got to my mother's place around 11:30.  The lawn was shaggy, so I decided to do a cursory mowing thereof.  Patricia started hacking and slashing at the ugly ass hedges in front of the house.  After I'd got back from visiting my mother, they were cut back to the point where if they were men, they'd only be wearing cock socks and a smile.

We left Mom's around 1:45.  After getting an iced coffee at the Just US! off the highway, we proceeded to try to find the Avondale Sky Winery.   Nova Scotia, especially the Valley region, has become a place that has more wineries than one would ever have imagined even 10 years ago.  My friend Lorraine Vassalo and her husband founded the winery several years ago.  They had bought it from another wine guy, and then expanded it.  Turns out that the first 3 years of a winery are all about losing money as you cultivate the grapes and hope to be able to make your first wine.  The start up costs for any winery must be immense; it is not a poor person's hobby.

As usual with me, I couldn't find the place.  We ended up at another winery a short distance away, so we doubled back using the least possibly efficient method of getting there, arriving 20 minutes late for the tour.  Lorraine's lovely sister Linda escorted us to where the rest of the crowd was.

After a couple of hugs from Lorraine, we started tasting wine.  As I mentioned last evening, I am not much of a drinker of anything.  Some light beer from time to time.  Rum and eggnog at Christmas.  But wine and I have never really been on speaking terms.  However, their passion for wine came shining through.  I found myself sipping the samples of wine, and enjoyed several of them to the point where I may join Patricia in a glass of the stuff from time to time (she ended up buying several bottles).  I may have one glass for her every four.  Something like that.  But it's still more than I typically drink.

We enjoyed the tour.  We returned to the city.  We fed the cats.  We watched two more episodes of "da Vinci's Demons" on the Super Channel on demand before I retired to my home office to tap away at this blog post.

It is mere hours before KOOL FM goes away forever.  C100 and The Bounce are switching Afternoon Drive hosts.  HAL FM is designing a new logo, probably pointing to a format change.  Lots of radio changes are afoot.  You can rest assured that my 4.7 readers will know what happens when these changes are wrought.

I'm actually excited to see what happens tomorrow.  It should be very interesting.

Guess I'll turn in.  Been a busy weekend.  Need my beauty sleep in order to keep my hair as gorgeous as possible.

See you tomorrow.


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