Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Post 2429 - Another Radio Post

You must be getting tired of these.  Right?  Look, we'll make a deal.  I will write one more blog post about Halifax radio, and that should do it for a while.  As things stand I plan to write a long-promised book review on Wednesday just to do something different.

I read today's Metro, the skinny newspaper that comes out each weekday.  There was a brief article about the sign on of Radio 965 in today's issue.  As part of the article, I read some potentially ominous upcoming changes to Q104, its sister station.

Apparently some of the harder edged music that was on KOOL will make its way over to Q104.  As well, the article indicated that the really out there content that has been the highlight of the Q in the last several years, will be toned down.  My word, not theirs.  But that was the gist of it.

I freely admit that things like "Poking Poppa", eating toenails, and drinking concoctions of a noxious nature are in poor taste.  But they are very entertaining.  The rant line each morning is sublimely entertaining as well.  I have nearly gone off the road listening to that stuff.  I would hate to see it go away in favour of a Q104-lite.  The Q104 of the early 1990's was not the era I like to think about fondly.  When they had a PD who had also been the PD at C100, that was less than a good thing.  YMMV, of course.

I hope I am not reading too much into this.  But if they can make wholesale changes to one Newcap station, what will stop them from making some to another one?

Anybody reading this wanna give me some of the skinny about the Q?  Can we expect some changes that hard core listeners will not like?  Or will things be on an even keel?  Do let me know.

That's it for tonight.  Getting late.  I have to clean out Newbie's litter box before he decides to use my home office as one.   Cindy's already done that, and the place reeked.


See you tomorrow.


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