Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post 2431 - More Halifax Radio News

In the last hour, I have heard from two different sources that there will be another radio format change come Friday morning at 8.    My friend Wayne Harrett was one of those sources; the tweeter "@allistercanada" was the other.  Add to that the fact that I heard last week that Hal was ordering a new logo.  MBS is so cheap that it would not do such a thing unless there were some other change to back it up.  As well, Hal FM has been playing more of the classic hits that KOOL FM played until Monday.   And the Saint John version of Hal FM recently changed its format to one of classic hits.  Also, and lastly, the Hal FM website is indicating a change come 8am Friday.

I think it is safe to conclude that Hal FM will become a classic hit radio station come 8 o'clock Friday morning.

Let's see if Wayne and @allisterhalifax and I are correct.

Yawn.  Long day today.  And a longer one tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


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