Monday, September 2, 2013

Post 2435 - Happy Monday

Happy Labour Day to my 4.7 readers.

I hope you had a great day.  I spent time in the Valley this morning and this afternoon.  I washed the dishes.  There were quite a few to wash, since I had made some meals over the weekend.  I visited my mother thereafter before returning to the city mid-afternoon.

Newbie had remained in the city this weekend.  We had not been able to find him before we left on Saturday, so we left without him.  Not a big deal as we had left lots of food out for him and Patricia was around to feed him Sunday evening.  He gave me the cold shoulder when I first arrived.  He was standoffish, even more than a cat is by default.  He eventually came around, though, when he remembered that I have access to the food in the house.

Patricia was not here when I arrived; she had left for the cottage this morning, and will remain there for the balance of the week.  As things stand now, I will go there this weekend.  Of course, if she gets mad at me, she may uninvite me.  Or is that, disinvite me?  Or is that decide I am not invited after all?  I wasn't sure what word to use, as the spell checker on Blogger is a little conservative.   If I do remain here all weekend, I will be sure to think about you.

I brought my satellite radio back with me.  I bought it at a yardsale in Wolfville back in the Spring for about 35 dollars.  It is a very small radio that fits in a boombox-type docking station.  I paid for a year's worth of programming in advance, justifying it by saying that there are not nearly as many radio stations in the Valley as there are here, and therefore fewer choices to listen to when I am down there.  Since I paid good $ for the radio and the programming I figure I may as well keep it here.  It is not like I can hear "Liquid Metal" on any radio station in Halifax, nor a steady diet of 1940's Big Band music, nor 24x7 Grateful Dead tunes.

I won't say that satellite radio is where it's at.   But, it is fun.  However, their financial model is built on the hope that there are enough people across North America who want to hear 24x7 Grateful Dead music, or 24x7 Elvis songs, or 24x7 Liquid Metal, or what have you,  to justify having at least one music channel devoted to each of those kinds of music.  There is no way there would be enough of those folks in Halifax or most any other market.  Maybe a huge market like Toronto or New York, but likely not even there.  As a result, you get a wide swath of music that embraces nearly every kind of musical genre, but precious little local material.  If there is a traffic delay on Bayer's Road in the afternoon I won't know about it by listening to Sirius XM.

It sure is nice, though, to have a huge variety of music without having to fill up an mp3 player and press shuffle.

Back to work in the morning.  Will have to rely on myself to get up since Patricia is out of town and Newbie is pissed at me.  Do wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses.

Thinking about you.

Blah blah blah.


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