Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Post 2437 - Wednesday Radio Miscellany

Hello, my 4.7 readers!  How was your day?  That's good.

I am still at work even though it is past 4:30.  Typically, civil servants rush out the door in a stampede reminiscent of the running of the bulls; however, my Toastmasters club meetings start up again this evening, and I really should go.  It will be our first meeting since the middle part of June, some 3 months ago. 

What else is going on?  Not much.  I am pleased to report that there have been no changes in Halifax radio this week.  JC Douglas has been at The Wave for 4 days now and hasn't been fired yet, a near-record for an employee at MBS. 

Radio965's fetish for David Myles continues unabated.  A guy at work reported to me this afternoon that he can nearly set his watch by when certain songs are played on that station.  I guess they have to work on that.

Sexy Girl/Rachel Dodds' last appearance on Q104 will be on Thursday morning.  She just rejoined the morning team in the last several months, and now she is leaving town.  Who will replace her?  If you are a female with a certain degree of pulchritude, send in your resumes now.  Or maybe the reports of moving away from edgier material are true and you won't hear as much of it going forward.  Maybe they will have Educated Girl, who defies stereotypes and explains business and science principles to an enraptured audience interested in only her raw intellect.  Or not. 

In other news, I work with a deaf guy.  Hello, Elliott.  He knew I had a headache yesterday and asked how I was doing.  I replied I was doing much better, and that the headache pills had been very useful.  "Zomig?", he asked.  "Not any more.  It's the generic stuff, just called 'Zomipitran'."

The interpreter broke character long enough by asking me to take pity on him.  I spelled the word as best I could, and he dutifully signed it. 

Well, it turns out that after our meeting this morning, that I had misspelled it as well.  Turns out it is called "ZOLMITRIPTAN".  Actually there are three letters in front of it.  They are "pms".  So when I get a headache I take "pms-ZOLMITRIPTAN".    Oddly enough, I take these pills when women in my life are experiencing PMS, as their histrionics only cause me to develop a migraine.  There is an irony there somewhere, but it is hard to pin down. 

It is time for me to brush my teeth, or "polish my pearlies" as Sherman T. Potter used to say.  I can't show up for my Toastmasters meeting with unpolished pearlies.  What would the neighbours think?

See you tomorrow.



Luckymadon said...

Just a question regarding JC Douglas. Did he take an intentional nose dive or was he bumped from the Q104 plane?

Bevboy said...

Not sure what you mean by "nose dive". He didn't want to be in management any more. There was no opportunity for him in Halifax at Newcap. So, he left. MBS snapped him up within days.

Sometimes a cigar is a cigar.


Luckymadon said...

I've listened to JC when he was still a jock on Q104 in the 90's. I was around when he left the first time to do breakfast television. When he acquired the job of PD at Q104 he was ecstatic, even referring to it as his " dream job". He worked very hard through much of his career to reach that pinnacle and considering the expansion of his ego, it's strange how he would just give it up so willingly. I'm just as stunned as you are.