Saturday, September 7, 2013

Post 2440 - Saturday

Well, I decided to surprise my mother today, so I drove to the Valley this morning.  There was a "fun day" at her retirement facility, and she had been hinting for me to go for the whole week.  Rather than tell her I was coming, I just went.  I have to remind myself that she is 81 and should not be surprised very often.

Before I visited her, though, I went to a recycling place in New Minas and dropped off a laser printer that wasn't working and never would work.  I also dropped off (horror of horrors!) some radios that were very subpar.  One of them was a Sony Dream Machine.  Ironically enough, it was a nightmare even to set the correct time or activate the alarm.  The brain trust at Sony took everything that is intuitively obvious about a clock radio and threw it out the window in favour of a device that confounded me time and time again.  Just this morning, I was trying to figure out how to set the time on the ruddy thing; setting the alarm was equally as baffling.  It was a pleasure to get rid of it this morning. Folks, do not under any circumstances, purchase a Sony Dream Machine clock radio.   It will put you in the nut house.

Afterward, I got to my mother's.  As I mentioned, she was pleasantly surprised to see me.  We had to go to lunch.  Well, I was hungry and wanted to take her to lunch.  So, we went to Swiss Chalet in New Minas.  For reasons known only to God and/or the devil, they built one of those roundabouts in the village in the last year or so.   They took a perfectly straight road and twisted it into a pretzel in the hope of, I suppose, making traffic more efficient.  It is anything but.  People enter the roundabout with trepidation, knowing that there are lots of people who don't know how these things work, and don't feel obligated enough to learn.  Part of me doesn't blame them.

Anyway, the meal was good.  Mom told me several times how much she enjoyed the meal there.  I think she just liked the company more.  I know I did.

We attended the fun day.  It consisted of a husband and wife singing duo performing old Country songs that the old folks enjoyed a great deal.  My appetite for that genre of music is less than theirs is.  There was also face painting, and there was a woman making twisting balloons into shape, so I asked her to make a balloon sword for my mother, and she cheerfully complied with my request.

They also had free beverages and small bags of popcorn or Cheezies.  You can bet Mom and I had our share.  I also got some pictures, and I will put some up here soon.

By 3:30, I left my mom in her room and returned to the house to mow the lawn.  That done, I scooped up a few things and drove back to the city.   It is now 11:30.  I have been up since 6:15 this morning, and been busy ever since.  I think I have earned a bit of rest.  Or, maybe, a lot of rest.


See you tomorrow.


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