Sunday, September 8, 2013

Post 2441 - Sunday

How has your Sunday been so far?

I took myself out to lunch today.  The TBR is short for the Timberlea Beverage Room.  We had only been there sporadically in recent years because the menu and the decor were always the same.  I decided to go there today anyway because I didn't feel like driving into Bayers Lake to get a meal.  They finally got around to changing the menu.  The server told me that they were playing to make additional victual list changes in the near future.  I'm just grateful you can get a chicken dish there now. One never could before.  I had developed the theory that poultry was sacred at the TBR and could therefore never been consumed.   I guess I was wrong.

And, at long last, I have completed the dishes that have been taking up residence in my kitchen sink.  They did not like it, but I persevered.

I finished watching season one of the Netflix series "House of Cards" this afternoon.  I look forward to season two.  Not as much as I look forward to season two of "Orange is the New Black", though.

I am finally caught up on watching "Breaking Bad".  There are 4 episodes left.  I am hoping to watch it this evening in real time so that Newbie and I can discuss it afterward.

Patricia is hoping to spend another couple of days at the cottage, returning to the city on Thursday.  I am trying to remember what she looks like.  Haven't seen her in a week now.  I miss stroking her blonde hair.

Crap.  I just remembered that I didn't check the oven to see if there might be any dishes to wash there as well.  If you'll excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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