Monday, September 9, 2013

Post 2442 - Random Thoughts

I spoke with Patricia when I got home from work today.  Turns out that she has decided to remain at the cottage until Thursday afternoon.  She will return with Cindy at that time as the cat has a vet's appointment that evening.  That's when we may find out what is wrong with Cindy.  As things stand, she is eating quite well, but blows chunks quite frequently.  She is on various medications to inhibit nausea and foster appetite, and they are mostly working; but if she goes off them, the symptoms resurface, and she is back to square one.  We are hoping for the best.  We just pray that she keeps the weight on that she has been gaining, plus adds a few more pounds.

Newbie has been all over me tonight like a lonely woman drinking margaritas.  I can't go anywhere without his being with me.  Maybe he is a lonely woman drinking margaritas.  I have long suspected him of that.

Everywhere I turn there are dirty dishes to wash.  I am not sure where they come from.  I wonder if other people in the neighbourhood are breaking into my house when I am at work and dropping off their dirty dishes thinking that I won't notice until it's too late.

It is 10pm.  Where did the day go?  It's amazing how quickly time can pass when you're asleep.

Why do I yawn so much?  Is there someone else using the hashtag #yawn reading this, and yawning as well?

Is the Hokey Pokey, really what it's all about?

I have six radios here in my home office.  Two at one computer desk.  Two at the other.  The remaining two on the study desk Dad built for me when I first moved to the city, 25 years ago.  Should I get a couple more?  Desks, that is.  I have enough radios.

Speaking of radios, I took 4 of them to a recycling depot on Saturday.  They sounded like crap.  I bought two more radios the day before, so I have a net decrease in radios in the number of two.  I feel naked.

Enough random thoughts for the evening.  Will do this again sometime.

See you tomorrow.


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