Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post 2447 - Sunday

I have been fairly busy today. 

I did the dishes.  I cleaned up the kitchen to the point where I have realized some food preparation space again, which makes us  happy. 

Patricia returned home around 4:30.  She had a grand time at the  Becoming Outdoor Woman thing.  She won some bear repellant, a key chain, and a fishing pole.  She has learned how to fillet a fish.  She observed someone clean a fish but did not do it herself.  Which is what I have done in my own life, come to think of it.

She did some archery this weekend.  Kayaked.  Participated in games by the light of a fire.  Meanwhile, I was at home doing home stuff.

I bought a Neotv media player several months ago.  I am afraid that the media player has been disappointing.  It often freezes on us, and doesn't play nearly as many of the files on the network hard drive that it should.  Many times, I have to walk over to it and press the reset button, and then unplug it.  When it does work, it is very slow even to connect to the web. 

This Winter I bought two Asus O! Play media players.  The only thing they don't do is access netflix.  They play every kind of audio and video file format I can think of.  If it did handle Netflix, we'd be very happy.  As it is, I own two of them, with one at the cottage and the other at my mother's.

I am wondering: What is the best media player you can get your hands on?  One that plays every kind of files I throw at it, plus accesses netflix and other online services such as Youtube?

Please let me know.  Newbie is ticked at me for buying this neotv piece of crap.

Still trying to come down from this evening's "Breaking Bad".  Only two more episodes to go. 

That's it for tonight. 

See you tomorrow.


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