Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Post 2449 - Target Visit

Today, 3 Target stores opened in Halifax.  I thought we would check the place out. We ended up going to the one in Bayers Lake.

We arrived there after work and had a hard time finding a parking space.  We figured that this would be an issue, so we persevered until we found a place to park.  We went into the store.  The Target was originally a Zellers until earlier this year.  Despite all the money clearly spent to make the place not look like the store it had been, it was still highly reminiscent of the Zellers.

I made my way to the electronics section because, well, I am a guy and like to look at electronics.   Girls can look at the shoes in the adjoining section.  They had roku media players, but I know from experience that their codec list is very limited, so I won't buy one of them to replace that piece of crap neo tv media player.  I saw an RCA media player there as well, but the research I did on that device revealed that it is likely a bigger piece of faeces than the neo.

I stuck around and looked at other stuff in the electronics section.   They had clock radios, so I took a look.  They had quite a few of those Sony Dream Machines  that looked identical to the one I took great delight in recycling a couple of Saturdays ago.  They were 20 bucks each.  That would only be the financial cost of the item.  One also has to take into account the drain on one's mental health and the inevitable diminution of one's self confidence and self esteem as one becomes increasingly frustrated trying to set the time and alarm on the bloody thing.   I will spend the rest of my life shouting from rooftops and mountain tops about these lousy stinking clock radios.  Please, folks, do not ever buy a Sony Dream Machine clock radio.  Just don't.

I looked at portable and external hard drives.  The prices were not even slightly competitive compared with the very same item at stores like Best Buy and  Future Shop and  Staples.  They claim to have a price guarantee at Target, but there are always ways for stores to get out of that "obligation".  Better to go to those other places and buy the item in question there.

People were queued up to pay for the stuff they had decided to buy at the Target on its opening day.  I am not sure if they were really getting a good deal or just got caught up in the fever and excitement of walking through a bright and shiny new store.  After all, anything would be better than the Zellers it replaced.  However, the owners have to make sure that their prices fall in line with their competition on the things that are compelling to me, or they will not see much of me there.

We left without buying anything.  We returned home and fed the cats.  I have spent most of the evening here in my home office researching the media player I mentioned above, beginning the arduous task of going through my vhs tapes to see which ones I want to digitize and washing clothes.  It is now 10:30, and I think I will turn in soon.  Cindy kept us up for a big part of the evening with her vomiting and food demands.  She has her next vet appointment Thursday night and we are not looking forward to what we may learn then and there.

Time to prepare for bed.  Maybe I can stay awake long enough to listen to some of Art Bell's new show on Sirius XM.  Or not.

See you tomorrow.


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